2e Autbot Patch

Anima Ability

Moonsilver Caste Anima Ability: Increases Initiative rolls (Join X) by the Alchemical’s Essence, adds 2 to the Rate of all attacks made by said Alchemical.


Transitory Augmentation of (Attribute): Now (Ordinal) (Attribute) Excellency, with the Alchemical Excellencies abiding by the same limits as the Lunar examples of the same. Only one Excellency for any given Attribute requires an Installation Cost, and any given Excellency Charm for an Attribute will also give the Alchemical cheaper access to the turns-long function of their Caste and Attribute addition powers. Any Excellency will suffice for Charms that require Transitory Augmentation as a prerequisite. Predictably, these Charms are Combo-OK.

Sustained Augmentation of (Attribute): Type Permanent, with Keyword “Natural” to allow their effects to fulfill the prerequisites of Charms.

Close Combat Charms

Tactical Analysis Engrams: No real change; instead of base initiative or defense dice pools, Join (Battle, Debate or War) and DV values can be gleaned. Keywords: Combo-OK

Accelerated Response System: Works like Dipping Swallow Defense or Shadow Over Water and negates penalties to the appropriate DV for one attack. Keywords: Combo-OK

Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System: Adds one success per mote spent to a Join Battle, Debate or War action, with the same ceiling on the number of motes spent (Dexterity). Keywords: Combo-OK

Celerity Enabling Module: The extra actions function allows the Alchemical to take a flurry with (Essence +1) actions with a DV penalty equal to the greatest DV penalty of any actions taken (ignore Rate), while the defensive function negates all Onslaught penalties from one opponent’s attacks and reduces the DV penalty of all actions taken by the Alchemical by 1. Keywords: Combo-OK (extra-actions version), Combo-Basic (defensive version), Obvious

Anticipatory Simulation Processor: Replace all incidences of “turn” with “action,” and instead of an initiative count, it rewinds to a tick count. Keywords: Combo-OK

Polymodal Joint Bearings: When enhancing defense, add 3 to the Dexterity + Dodge + Essence calculation. No Keywords, and it becomes Type: Permanent.

Limb Extension Armatures: Reduces Speed of attack actions by 1 when in use, in addition to affecting range. Keywords: Combo-OK

Multi-Limb Frame: Each installation reduces penalties in a Flurry action using the artificial limbs by 1, using the activation guidelines in the Charm. The rate of unarmed attacks is also increased by 1 for each installation. Keywords: Obvious

Hyperdextrous Tentacle Apparatus: The tentacles have a Speed of 5 (-1 for every dot of Essence above 3, to a minimum Speed of 3) and a Rate as noted for the Charm’s function in Power Combat. Activating the Charm with 8 motes and 1 Willpower gives an action for each tentacle in every tick the Alchemical acts. Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK

Integrated Arsenal Upgrade: The changes are all in the weapon statistics presented in the main rulebook. Keywords: Obvious

(Material) Synthesis Wave Emitter: Becomes Type: Reflexive. The Moonsilver and Orichalcum iterations of this Charm may be used to add 1 to Parry DV, for one mote. Keywords: Combo-OK

Transcendent Multimodal Weapon Matrix: As per Integrated Arsenal Upgrade.

Electrification Onslaught Dynamo: Gains the following Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack

Chemical Fog Generator: Five turns for clearing out equals 25 ticks. Keywords: Poison

Perfected Lotus Matrix: Allows Alchemicals to learn Martial Arts Charms; if they favor Dexterity, they may learn them as favored Charms. Keywords: Enlightening

Ranged Combat Charms

Aim-Calibrating Sensors: Combo-OK

Paramagnetic Tether Beam: Combo-Basic

Essence Pulse Cannon: Becomes a Permanent Type Charm with an Indefinite Duration. Arming the cannon costs 2 motes, but does not count as use of a Charm in any given action. Has Keyword: Obvious unless the Discreet submodule is purchased.

Interceptor Spark Emitter: Allows the Alchemical to forfeit their DV against a ranged attack and make an attack roll against a targeted projectile, as per the Lunar Charm Finding the Needle’s Eye. Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack, Obvious

Pulseweb Entanglement Burst: Has a Speed of 5 and a -1 DV penalty. Keywords: Combo-OK, Crippling, Obvious

Protosynthetic Ammunition Replicator: Has a Type of Permanent, and a Duration of Instant; creating ammo does not count as Charm use. Keywords: Obvious

Repeating Pneumatic Bow: As per Essence Pulse Cannon. Keywords: Obvious

Subluminous Onslaught Missile: Has a Speed of 5, and a -1 DV penalty. Keywords: Combo-OK, Knockback, Obvious

Hundredfold Strafing Methodology: Has a Speed of 5, and a -1 DV penalty. Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious

Transmodal Rapid Targeting System: Enables a flurry action with the procedure described in the Charm. Keywords: Obvious

Dedicated Harmonic Targeting: Has the Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious

Might and Mobility Charms

Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification: Has the Keyword “Stand-Alone”, which prevents it from being placed in Arrays.

Pain-Suppression Node: Has the Keywords: Combo-OK

Subcutaneous/Exoskeletal Armor Plating: Exoskeletal Armor has the Obvious Keyword. Both types have the Stand-Alone Keyword.

Aegis Integration System: Combo-OK

Essence Shield Projector: Combo-OK, Obvious

(Element)-Inured Frame: Combo-Basic, Obvious

Insectile Locomotion Upgrade: The claws provided by this Charm have a Speed of 4 and a rate as noted. Keywords: Obvious

Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh: Stand-Alone

Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus: Combo-OK, Obvious

Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device: Combo-OK, Obvious

Plasma Thruster Assembly: Combo-OK, Obvious. The long-term flight function of the Charm has a DV modifier of -6.

Fluidic Impeller Drive: Combo-OK, Obvious.

Electroneural Control Spurs: Mounts that are magical beings may resist this Charm’s unnatural influence (Servitude) effect with their Dodge MDV or by spending Willpower; roll the Alchemical’s Charisma + Ride. If the roll does not beat the magical mount’s Dodge MDV, this Charm cannot be used; even if the Alchemical does win, Willpower may be spent every turn until a number equal to the Alchemical’s Charisma has been spent, at which point the mount may not have this Charm used on it. This is a form of unnatural influence. Keywords: Combo-Basic, Servitude, Touch

Universal Pilot Key: May contest a Solar using Sail Charms (or other beings using similar techniques) to “own” the ship with a contested Wits + Sail + Essence roll. Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious.

Social Charms

Pattern Facilitation Module: Now rolls the Alchemical’s ([Charisma or Manipulation] + Bureaucracy + Essence) against a social unit’s MDV, and if the Alchemical’s roll exceeds the MDV of the social unit, then the unit may either accept the agenda as favorable (an illusion effect granting +3 MDV to avoid going against it) or spend a point of Loyalty to judge based on merits alone for one instance, or 4 points of Loyalty to avoid any further influence from this Charm. If the Social Unit is commanded by a magical being, then this charm has no effect. This is a form of unnatural influence. Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Social

Synergy-Promoting Upgrade: May be used on social or military units up to the Alchemical’s (Essence) in Magnitude, which the Alchemical either commands personally or is a part of. Keywords: Comb-OK, Social

Perfection of Assembly: Allows Alchemicals to spend one mote and add +1 to the MDV of another who is currently being assailed in social combat. No more then one mote per other member may be spent. All other functions are as written, save that it also allows an Alchemical assembly to automatically coordinate their attacks as long as one member takes a miscellaneous action to do so. Keywords: Combo-OK

Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations: The first function has unnatural influence with an Emotion effect of lust if the Alchemical’s Appearance is higher than the target’s MDV. The second function requires that the Alchemical roll Appearance + Performance, and if the result is greater than the target’s MDV, it will cause a lasting unnatural influence in the form of a Compulsion, driving the individual to seek out and be with the Alchemical. Either effect may be broken by spending the Alchemical’s (Appearance) in Willpower (or Loyalty, if a social unit has somehow been targeted by this Charm). Keywords: Combo-OK, Compulsion, Emotion, Social

Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric: Actions undertaken with this Charm, which costs 5 motes (but does not count as a Charm invocation), are considered unnatural mental influence, and cost 1 Willpower point to resist. Keywords: Social

Empathy Simulation Engine: Has the Keywords Combo-OK, Social

Transcendent Brutality Programming: Actions undertaken with this Charm, which costs 4 motes (but is not considered a Charm invocation), are considered unnatural mental influence with an Emotion effect and cost 1 Willpower to resist. Keywords: Emotion, Obvious, Social

Conceptual Entropy Module: As per Pattern Facilitation Method, except that it makes the targeted issue seem undesirable.

Motivational Vocoder: Addresses military or social units up to the Alchemical’s (Essence) in Magnitude. Otherwise, the effects are as written. Keywords: Combo-OK, Social

Personality Override Spike: Now involves a roll of the Alchemical’s Manipulation + (relevant Social Ability) against the target’s MDV; the target may spend Willpower equal to the Alchemical’s (Essence) to ignore the effects entirely if the result is over their MDV. Otherwise unchanged. use the same roll. Keywords: Compulsion (to change motivation), Combo-Basic, Crippling (knock unconscious, kill, inflict amnesia), Servitude (inflicting numbness of the mind), Touch

Mind Ripping Probe: Counts as unnatural mental influence with a compulsion to answer the Alchemical’s questions, which costs 2 Willpower to resist. Keywords: Compulsion

Memory Implantation Surge: Counts as unnatural mental influence with an Illusion effect, the effects of which should be readily obvious (creates a false memory believed to be real). This effect costs 3 Willpower to resist. Keywords: Illusion

Stealth and Disguise Charms

Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier: Combo-OK

Essence Dormancy Mode: Combo-OK

Husk Sculpting Apparatus: Has Speed 7, and a DV penalty of -2. Combo-OK

Voice Distortion Field: The subliminal function gives a -1 MDV modifier for that particular emotion that stacks with the highest negative MDV modifier in use. Combo-OK.

Pheromone Regulation Systems: The emotion-influence acts as an olfactory version of Voice Distortion Field’s subliminal mode. Detection of the pheromone’s influence will negate the MDV penalty. Has a Speed of 5. Combo-OK.

Optical Shroud: Combo-OK

Aura-Dampening Component: No Keywords.

Dynamic Cloaking Module: Speed is 4, DV is -2. Combo-OK

Essence Veil: No Keywords.

Sensory and Spiritual Charms

Optical Enhancement: Ultraperipheral Awareness allows the Alchemical to apply DV to all attacks that do not negate applicability. No Keywords.

Mobile Sensory Drone: The drone’s attacks have a Speed of 4 and a Rate of 3. Combo-Basic, Obvious.

Chemical Analysis System: The alchemical counts as a supernatural tracker. Combo-OK.

Tympanal Receptor Upgrade: The Alchemical’s sense of hearing is supernaturally acute and may oppose Charms that nullify sound. Combo-OK, Obvious.

Deception Recognition Module: When grilling an individual, roll against half the subject’s MDV instead of Essence and apply the relative difference in Appearance. If scrutinizing text, roll against half the author’s MDV and apply the author’s relative superiority or deficiency in Linguistics. Combo-OK.

Interpolative Situational Analysis Processor: Has a Speed of 6 short ticks. Combo-Basic

Soulgem Detector: Has a Speed of 6 short ticks. Combo-Basic

Cross-Phase Scanner: Cost reduced to 1 mote per sense. Has a Speed of 5. Combo-OK

Transphase Engine: Combo-OK, Obvious

God-Ward Projector: Has a Speed of 6. Combo-Basic, Obvious

Medical Charms

Sustenance Replication Engine: Type becomes “Permanent/Simple,” and the Speed of the Simple function is three long ticks. Obvious

Biofunction Inhibitor: Combo-OK

Toxicity Filtration Subsystems: Reduces the Toxicity of a toxin rather than adding automatic successes, and doubles the existing Tolerance to any toxin. Combo-OK

Restorative Fusion Transponder: Speed is a Dramatic Action. Combo-OK

Body-Reweaving Matrix: Combo-OK, Obvious

Diagnostic Sensor Apparatus: Works in 5-tick intervals, using long ticks. Combo-OK

Biosight Reticle: Speed 6, DV -1. No Keywords

Biostasis Field Projector: In order to stun an individual in a clinch, an Alchemical must roll (Intelligence + Medicine) and make a successful roll with a difficulty penalty equal to half the target’s (Stamina + Resistance) or full MDV, whichever is higher. Such use is Speed 6, DV -2. Combo-OK, Crippling, Obvious, Touch

Multifunction Hypodermic Apparatus: Speed 5, DV -1. May be aimed as an attack. Any formula resisted as a poison has the Poison keyword. Acid has the Crippling keyword for its effect on Appearance. Memory Eraser formula counts as unnatural mental influence with an Illusion effect, and may be resisted with a number of Willpower points equal to half the Alchemical’s (Intelligence) rounded up or with a Charm that works against Poison effects. Combo-OK, Obvious, Touch

Regenerative Essence Transfusion: Speed 5, DV -1. Combo-OK, Obvious

Metabolic Augmentation Injection: Speed 6, DV -1. Integrity may be raised with this Charm. Combo-OK, Training, Touch

Cognitive Charms

Imprinted Data Cluster: No Keywords (as it may only be used in the Vats)

Clarified Data Assimilator: Combo-OK

Abstract Abacus Implant: Reducing the difficulty of Mental Attribute roll below 1 reduces Speed by one per increment rather than adding successes. Combo-OK

Technological Analysis Engrams: Speed 6, DV -0. Combo-OK

Omnitool Implant: Speed 4, DV -1. Combo-OK, Obvious

Synaptic Acceleration Node: Reduces the Speed of a Dramatic Mental Attribute-based Action to 6 long ticks each, -3 DV. Combo-Basic

Incomparable Efficiency Upgrade: Reduces the Speed of an action utilizing a non-Combat action by the Alchemical’s (Essence). Speed 6, DV -1. Combo-OK

Logic Engineering Lobe: Combo-OK

Eidetic Processing Core: Allows the Alchemical to roll (Wits + Awareness) to remember altered memories. No Keywords

Essence and Weaving Charms

Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit: Stand-Alone

Weaving Engines become Type: Permanent, and their Duration and Speed profiles are identical to the use of sorcery; Man-Machine Protocols require a turn of weaving with Speed and DV equivalent to Terrestrial Sorcery, God-Machine Protocols matching similarly with Celestial Circle Sorcery.


The Maker’s Advanced Defense Array’s limb-severing effect is a Crippling effect.

Radiant Matrix Transmutation is a Shaping effect, as is Transcendent Pattern-Weaving Protocol.

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