Ashley Milliner

The Basics

Name: Ashley Milliner
Template: White Court Virgin
High Concept: Scion of a Lesser House
Trouble: Well…Maybe Just One More…

Power Level/Skill Cap: Chest Deep (+5)
Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Where Did You Come From?

Ashley Milliner was born into a well-established Bostonian family, entrenched in the banking sector and the higher slices of life. The family was large, their house a gourmand’s delight, a constant rotation of parties with amazing food and the people – unsuspecting or not – who came to glut themselves upon it. The later-evening festivities would turn into something out of a Roman feast at times, complete with a fully furbished vomitorium to allow the guests to enjoy themselves well into the evening. The children of the family were kept away from such excesses, naturally, but Ashley often found herself asked to assist in the preparation of the meals once she was old enough to do so. She came to love working in the kitchen at a very young age, her palate developing at a rapid rate for one so young.

Aspect: The Best Host In Town

What Shaped You?

In time, Ashley realized that her family gained more from the indulgence of their dinner guests than just the food that they served and peppered her siblings with question after question. Eventually, her mother sat her down and told her what she truly wanted to know: the true history of House Milliner, centered around a banker in the 18th century who broke away from House Malvora and founded his own after a particularly sticky argument with the house leader at the time. Ashley made it her mission in life to join their ranks as quickly as she could manage, although her mother did try to install some level of caution in the young girl as best as she could. Works from the like of Saint Gregory the Great and Saint Thomas Aquinas became like her bible, their writings on the 'sin' of gluttony becoming more of a road map to follow than something to avoid.

Aspect: I Have A Roadmap Of Sin

What Was Your First Adventure?

Ashley was well on her way to realizing her heritage as a full member of House Milliner when she opened *insert name here*, a restaurant that paired high-quality food with the all-you-can-eat philosophy that the House encouraged. Business was good, and the feeding was good for the young Milliner…until she tapped into a somewhat twitchy fellow that was one of the favored meals of a local member of the Malvora family by the name of Rebecca. The Malvora caught wind of this, and the vampire immediately started doing everything in her power to ruin the young woman's burgeoning business. It took some serious footwork on Ashley's part, but she was ultimately able to appeal to the leader of the Malvora family in New York during a Court gathering where she was able to integrate the food-based fears of some of the guests but still make everything perfectly palatable. Rebecca still holds a deep grudge, but taking any overt action against Ashley will bring repercussions on her own head.

Aspect: Braver Than Most

Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Of course, just because she couldn't do anything directly to Ashley didn't mean that Rebecca didn't try to cause havoc for the Milliner anyway. Rebecca orchestrated for a Virgin of her own house, a woman named Cassandra, to come to grave harm at one of Ashley's gatherings; under the laws of hospitality, Ashley would be held responsible for the lack of protection for her guests and that would give Rebecca the clearance needed to raise the House against her. Unfortunately for Rebecca, however, Cassandra became aware of the attempt through her own network and brought a bodyguard with her; when the trap was set, no one was harmed but the evening was decidedly ruined. Cassandra and Ashley became quite close after the fact, realizing that their nascent vampirehood was a better unifier than their own house rivalries were a divider. Cassandra began renting out a room in the back of the restaurant for her more private dealings, giving Ashley a cut of whatever profits came from the arrangements made there in return.

Aspect: Rivalries Can Happen Later

Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed?



Great (+4): Rapport
Good (+3): Conviction, Endurance, Resources, Weapons
Fair (+2): Alertness, Contacts, Discipline, Presence
Average (+1): Athletics, Deceit, Empathy, Intimidation, Lore, Scholarship


Scion of a Lesser House
Well…Maybe Just One More…
The Best Host In Town
I Have A Roadmap Of Sin
Braver Than Most

Stunts and Powers


Gourmet - You have the skill, talent, and training of a gourmet chef and you're willing to stake your livelihood and reputation on your creativity in the kitchen. You use Rapport for preparing and cooking meals; you get +2 on these rolls.
Juggler - You may use your Weapons skill to defend against a thrown attack, allowing you to catch the item if you succeed on the defense. In addition, you may use your Weapons skill instead of Performance in order to entertain an audience with your juggling; pg 156


Emotional Vampire (Gluttony) – Skill TBD; pg 189 (-1)
Feeding Dependency – Gain Hunger Track (Discipline-based), roll when affected powers are used to check for feeding failure; pg 190. (+1)
Incite Emotion (Gluttony)– At Range, +2 on maneuvers to make the target feel the emotion (defends with Discipline) as either a maneuver or a block; pg 172-173. (-2)
Inhuman Strength – Affected by Feeding Dependency. +3 to Might for lifting/breaking inanimate objects, +1 on Might when Grappling, +1 when Might modifies a skill regardless of the normal spread between the two skills, +2 to damage on physical attacks that rely on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons); pg 183.(-2)

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