Autochthonian Dragon Blooded
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Will be made all nice and pretty later

  • Created as a stop-gap while the Alchemicals were in development
  • Five family lines with representatives in each of the city-states
  • VERY stringent breeding restrictions
    • Players begin game with the Breeding background at 3
    • Those who breed outside of the five families will be punished severely if the breach is discovered
      • Players of such 'outcaste' DBs begin game with the Wanted flaw at 2


  • Steam: Add Ess to DV against Archery/Thrown attacks, can cause (Ess) turns of blindness if target fails Wits+Dodge roll (diff of DB's Ess)
  • Lightning: Fire anima
  • Metal: Earth anima
  • Crystal: Add Ess to social rolls with machine gods; Night caste facemask
  • Oil: Add Essence to DV against grapple attempts
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