Name: Avahan
Player: QuicksilverFox85
Type: Dragon-Blooded
Aspect: Water
Concept: Kung-Fu Sherlock
Anima: TBD
Motivation: TBD
Intimacies: Meruvia (Loyalty; Home Sweet Home), Blizzard's Edge (Gratitude; Honored Sensei)

Attributes and Abilities

Strength OOO Charisma OOO Perception OOOO
Dexterity OOOOO Manipulation OO Intelligence OOO
Stamina OOO Appearance OOO Wits OOOO
Air Earth Fire Water Wood
Linguistics OO Awareness OOOO Athletics OOO Bureaucracy OO Archery
Lore OO Craft Dodge OOO Investigation OOOOO Medicine OO
Occult OO Integrity OO Melee OOOO Larceny OO Performance OO
Stealth OOO Resistance OOO Presence OO Martial Arts OOOOO Ride
Thrown War Socialize OO Sail Survival OOO
Drive OOO Firearms OOO
Specialties Rating Languages
Melee: Scythe 2 Meruvian (Native)
Martial Arts: Multiple Opponents 2 Old Realm
Investigation: Crime Scenes 1 Seatongue

Virtues and Essence

Compassion OO Conviction OOOO Temperance OOO Valor OOO
Essence 4 Personal 15/15 Peripheral 36/22(14m committed) Willpower [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


Level Wounds Dodge DV 5 Parry DV
-0 [ ] Mental Dodge DV 6 4(MA)/4(Melee)
-1 [ ] [ ] Soak (B) 13 (5) Join Battle
-2 [ ] [ ] Soak (L) 8 (5) 8
-4 [ ] Soak (A) 7 Armor
Incap [ ] Soak (Nat) 3/1 B/L Reinforced Buff Jacket (10/7, 5/5)


Name Cost Action Duration Description
First Firearms Excellency 2mps Reflexive Instant Add successes to Firearms roll
Blazing Bullet Attack 4m1W Supplemental Instant ?
Earth Dragon Bullet 2m Supplemental Instant Successful attack knocks the target prone
Penetrating Shell Precision 6m Extra Action Instant ?
Red-Hot Demolition Round 5m Supplemental Instant ?
Water Dragon Bullet 2m Supplemental Instant ?
Name Cost Action Duration Description
First Investigation Excellency 2mps Reflexive Instant Add successes to Investigation roll
Clear Water Prana 5m1W Simple Instant ?
Homeward Trail Discovery Method 4m1W Simple Instant ?
Revelation of Associates Hunch 4m1W Simple Instant ?
Tampering Detection Technique 2m Simple Instant ?
Name Cost Action Duration Description
Language-Learning Ritual 6m1W Simple Instant Internalize language for one week, as long as the Exalt listens to the language being spoken for at least an hour
Martial Arts
Name Cost Action Duration Description
First MA Excellency 2mps Reflexive Instant Add successes to MA roll
Pasiap's Humility 4m Reflexive One Scene Can see dematerialized spirits with a -2 penalty to mundane Perception
Moment of Daana'd 3m1W Simple One Scene Can physically interact with dematerialized spirits; -2 penalty from PH is negated when both are active
Name Cost Action Duration Description
First Melee Excellency 2mps Reflexive Instant Add successes to Melee roll
Dragon-Graced Weapon (Water) 2m Supplemental Instant ?
Ghost-Fire Blade 3m or 5m Supplemental Instant ?
Name Cost Action Duration Description
Spirit-Detecting Mirror Glance 3m Simple Scene Allows Exalt to see dematerialized spirits in reflective surfaces
Name Cost Action Duration Description
Quarry Revelation Technique 3m Simple One Day ?

Martial Arts

Martial Arts: White Reaper Style
Name Cost Action Duration Description
Falling Scythe Flash 2m Supplemental Instant Count Strength twice for purposes of determining raw damage
Revolving Crescent Defense 3m Reflexive One Tick Negates onslaught penalties when attacked by chosen target, and target's multiple action penalties against Exalt are doubled
White Reaper Form 5m Simple One Scene Unarmed attacks add 1 to Accuracy and Rate, bare-hand deals lethal damage. Each time an opponent is slain while form is active, a white halo surrounds the user (up to Essence), adding 1 to DMDV.
Bleeding Crimson Strike 2m Supplemental Instant Adds Essence to unarmed MA roll, plus 1 die for each active halo; resets halo total to 0
Impenetrable White Shroud 5m Reflexive Scene Add (3 + current halos) in bashing and lethal soak
Flickering Corona Barrier 5m1W Reflexive Scene Add (1 + current halos) to Parry DV
Greatest Killer Attitude 3m Supplemental Instant Add (3 + current halos x 2) to raw damage, or (1 + current halos/2) to post-soak damage; resets halo total to 0
Enemies Like Grass 3m Extra Action Instant Make a flurry with (2 + current halos) attacks; resets halo total to 0
Snow Follows Winter 7m1W Reflexive Instant Burn through all current halos, heal 1B per one halo or 1L per two halos



Artifact 4: High Velocity Sniper Scythe (Crescent Rose); Black Jade Hearthstone Bracers;
Backing 2: Bureau of Blah
Connections 2: Meruvian Government
Connections 2: Crimson Panoply
Manse 3: Windhands Gem, set into hearthstone bracers
Mentor 3: Blizzard's Edge, God of White Reaper Style
Salary 2: Working for a living


Name Level Cost Description
High Velocity Sniper Scythe 4 7m Black Jade Reaping Shellcaster that folds out into a grand grimscythe while retaining the functionality of the gun. Something she's testing out for the R&D guys in the Crimson Panoply. See collapsible below for stat block.
Black Jade Hearthstone Bracers 2 4m HS socket, +3 to DV, -1 Speed to all attacks
Reinforced Buff Jacket 2 3m Grey full-body jacket, for the Grammaton Cleric look; black jade plates are sewn to the inside of the jacket
Name Level Cost Speed Accuracy Damage Defense PDV Rate Range Notes
HVSS (Shotgun) 4 n/a 4 +3 (11) 8L/2 n/a n/a 3 70 n/a
HVSS (Scythe; MA) 4 n/a 5 +0 (10) +13L(16L) 1 5 2 n/a n/a
HVSS (Scythe; Melee) 4 n/a 5 +0 (9) +13L(16L) 1 4 2 n/a n/a


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