Avast Autobots


  • 766
    • The Seal is breached, and the matropolis Kejal emerges onto a small island deep in the Western Ocean. Thinking that the Maker's world had been flooded beyond repair, the mission is almost abandoned.
    • A Starmetal Caste by the name of Cautious Planner of Artifice uses a specially-designed Weaving to make a connection with the Pattern Spiders. After a very brief conversation with Asna, the Autochthonians begin setting up a small camp; the Pattern Spiders cover up the emergence of the Autochthonians.
    • Soon after their arrival, a caravan of Fair Folk attacks the island. They are quickly beaten back, however, and the Autochthonians began working on wards against the odd creatures.
  • 767
    • Thanks to Charms developed to handle and shape the Wyld energies that occasionally contacted the island, Stern Hand of the Populate, a Black Jade Alchemical, is able to go through the metropolis transformation, creating a floating fortress-city connected to the Maker through the Seal.
    • A number of water vessels are designed, although it will take about a year to build a solid fleet
    • A small contingent of the local gods meets with Cautious Planner, mainly to figure out what the heck's been happening in their waters. The gods and Autochthonians strike an accord of mutual aid; also, a few of their Godbloods offer to teach the Autochthonians about Creation.
  • 768 - Modern day
    • As per her agreement with Cautious Planner, Asna and the other Pattern Spiders revealed the Autochthonian presence in Creation, causing aneurysms in at least five Sidereals and giving Kejak one hell of a migraine.
    • Autochthonian trading ships begin traveling the West, sending shockwaves through the Direction. People begin flocking to the Metropolis, amazed at the items that have been coming from it.


  • Three Autochthonians
    • Can be either heroic mortal or Alchemical
    • Base char-gen, plus 50 XP
    • Will most likely be using Dino's 2e Autbot Patch for Alchemical Charms
    • Will be adding some Custom Charms as I create them
  • Three Creationborn
    • Any Exalt type
    • Base char-gen, plus 50 XP (75 for DBs)


Autochthonian Dragon-Blooded

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