Bethany "Shadow" Fields

Alternate version: TVShadow


Up until about six years ago, life was pretty simple for Bethany Fields. Born to a small family in Chicago that was well-off enough to put food on the table but not rich enough for much else, she had a pretty average life. She did well in school, played on the varsity basketball team, and generally led a boring but satisfying life. Things changed, though, the night after she graduated high school. Heading home from a friend’s house, she was nearly plowed over by what looked like a young girl with brilliant red hair that was white at the tips. The girl begged Bethany to help her hide from the bad men that were chasing her. Being something of a good Samaritan, Bethany agreed. What she didn’t expect, though, was for the girl to change into a fox and jump inside of her.

She stood there, shocked, as a group of four large men ran around the corner. As they asked her if she’d seen the girl, Bethany could feel the fox shivering inside of her; she said no, and the quartet headed off. The fox, who introduced herself as Senka, thanked Bethany SO much for helping her, and offered her some shinies in return. Still a little out of it, Bethany agreed and made her way back home, ready to sleep off what she thought was one of the weirdest nights in her life. The weirdness, however, was just about to begin.

Senka stayed with Bethany during college, and the two became quite close friends. During Bethany’s junior year, however, the quartet of men managed to track down Senka again. They were enraged at what she had ‘done’ to Bethany and proceeded to take her to a little hole in the wall apartment. Once there, they bound her limbs and began a long and arduous exorcism rite, causing much pain to both girl and spirit. At the moment when Senka was ripped from her body, the veil between world was torn from Bethany’s eyes and she saw what her tormentors truly were: the so-called guardians of the gauntlet, unable to appreciate the good that had come from her union with Senka. She heard a voice call out to her, asking for her name. She said that it was Shadow, the place from which her beloved friend had come. The voice then said that she was Hers, and Bethany Awakened.

Much to the surprise of all, Shadow let out a howl that contained all of the rage and power of the Primal Wild. Magic ran rampant around her, causing the wooden furniture to sprout vines that grappled her tormenters, forcing themselves down the surprised werewolves’ throats. Spirits flew through the brief Verge that her Awakening caused, giving Shadow and Senka cover as they fled the building. Once the coast was clear, Shadow swore a formal pact of allegiance with Senka; while the two could not become as one like they were before, they would be bound together by other means.

As of that day, Bethany Fields has not existed. Shadow fell off the grid completely, emerging from the Hisil for occasional human contact and to purchase food. Although she has had little formal training in mage society, she is a potent magus, having reached the degree of Master in the Spirit Arcanum. A number of magi have tried to sway her to one side or another during the three years since her Awakening, but she has had none of it; she is content to wander, learning what she can from the beings that view her as something like a sister.

The Basics

Name: Bethany “Shadow” Fields
Player: Caitlin
Concept: Wanderer of the Hisil

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Attributes and Skills

Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Physical: Athletics 2, Drive 1, Larceny 1 Stealth 2, Survival 3 (Hisil), Weaponry 2 (Knives)
Mental: Academics 1, Investigation 1, Occult 2
Social: Animal Ken 2 (Foxes), Empathy 1, Intimidation 2, Subterfuge 2


High Speech
Easy Ride 2
Familiar 3 (Senka; rank 1 fox spirit)
Occultation 3

Arcana and Rotes:

Fate 2
Life 3
Prime 1
Spirit 5

Body Control (Life 2): Wits+Athletics+Life – 8
Ephemeral Shield (Spirit 2): Stamina+Occult+Spirit – 9
Peer Across the Gauntlet (Spirit 2): Wits+Occ+Spirit - 10


Gnosis: 5
Mana: 14

Wisdom: 5
Willpower: 6
Speed: 10
Health: 7
Defense: 3

Experience Points

Spirit 5 (54)
Fate 2 (21)
Familiar 3 (6)
Occultation 3 (6)
Easy Ride (4)

Total Spent: 91/94

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