Catherine Tolliver

The Basics

Name: Catherine Tolliver
Player: QuicksilverFox85
Chronicle: Shadows of Green Acres
Concept: Conjure Woman

Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy
Threshold: Prey
Archetype: Necromancer

Attributes and Skills

Intelligence 3 Wits 2 Resolve 3
Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 3
Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 2

Academics 1, Crafts (Woodcarving) 2, Medicine 1, Occult (Rituals) 3
Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Firearms 2, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 1
Animal Ken 1, Empathy 1, Expression (Singing) 2

Manifestations, Keys and Ceremonies

Keys: Primeval, Pyre Flame
Manifestations: Curse 2, Oracle 1,
Ceremonies: Krewe-Binding, Speaker of the Dead

Geist and Mementos

Name: Burning Woman
Threshold: Prey (Death by Fire)

Once, she lived in relative peace, having personally reconciled her 'immoral' urges towards women. She had found another woman of like mind, and the two were happy. However, once the community caught word of their depravity, they knew action had to be taken to save the girl's soul. The woman's home was barred and locked, then set ablaze. The townsfolk left, knowing that the fire had cleansed the taint from the woman's soul. The woman's ghost remained, eventually taking in the fire that caused her death and becoming what it is today.

The Burning Woman still appears relatively human in form, albeit a form horribly scarred by deep burns. Piercing blue eyes stare out from the charred husk, which sometimes appears wreathed in phantom flames.

A wooden statue of a woman holding her hands up to the sky, her face marred and twisted by heat.


Ceremonies 2
Haunt 2
Mentor 2
Resources 1


Psyche: 2
Plasm 18
Synergy: 7
Willpower: 5

Size: 5
Health: 8
Defense: 2
Initiative: 4
Speed: 9


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