Changeling Project

Due to the (unfortunately) predominant view that the only Changelings that can really be pretty are Fairest, I have decided to make a Lost of each seeming with Striking Looks, and (what I think to be) a valid reasoning behind them having it. Enjoy.

Selene - Beast; a big cat you shouldn't piss off if you value your limbs. 100 XP.
Melisandra - Darkling; Sometimes the dead just need someone to talk to. Base.
Flickerflash - Elemental; Summer Courtier who protects the homeless of Seattle. 100 XP.
Nerio - Ogre; fearsome gladiator turned bounty hunter for the Leaden Mirror. 50 XP.
Charity - Wizened; Spring Courtisan who knows her way around the City of Sin. Base.

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