Crimson Wind


Crimson Wind is the eldest of six children, born to a poor family in the slums of Chiaroscuro. From an early age, she was both warden and protector for her younger siblings. Thus, she often got into a lot of fights with some of the local street toughs. When she was 15, someone swiped the salt from the wards by her family's home. Most of the neighborhood was either killed or injured by the swarm of hungry ghosts that overtook them, including all of Crimson's family except her little sister Coral. The two girls were spared thanks to the intervention of Redtooth, one of the local gangers. Although scared shitless, Crimson was still amazed at the way Redtooth fought the ghosts off, and begged him to train her. He did so, begrudgingly.

Two years later, Crimson saw an advertisement for a local fight tournament. Both she and Redtooth signed up for it; although she lost against her mentor in the final bout, she gained a good bit of rep for herself. Grinning with broken teeth a plenty, Redtooth set her out on her own. She made a name for herself over the next ten years, participating in tournaments all over the South.

Her most important bout, though, took place only two years ago. Set up in an oasis east of Gem, it was one of the few tournaments that openly invited Exalts of all stripes. There, Essence-fueled matches between Solars, Lunars, Dragon-blooded and even one Deathknight raged from dawn 'til dusk. Crimson was leading the pack in the mortals division right up until the second to last match. Then, just as she was about to land the winning punch, the sun flared in her eyes. Child of the Glass City, you will be more than a mere fighter. Lead many in my name. A deep male voice said, ringing in her ears. The next thing she knew, she was laid out on the dirt, a golden disk blazing on her forehead.

Redtooth, who had also been competing in the tourney, quickly took the newly-Exalted Zenith off to give her some breathing room. He gave her a quick run-down on what happened (as best as he could tell, anyway); he also revealed his own status as one of Lunar's Chosen. Once she'd calmed down a bit, Redtooth chuckled, ruffled her hair, then promised to teach her some real tricks.

Since then, Crimson's reputation as a fighter has only grown. Nearing mastery of the First Pulse Style, she is quite formidable in a match. However, her focus is - and always will be - on her kid sister, Coral. Gotta stick with family, no?

Basic Character Information

Name: Crimson Wind
Caste: Zenith
Concept: Pit Fighter
Anima: A figure standing solemnly, its face blurred out

Motivation: Become the South's greatest Martial Artist

Attributes and Abilities


Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 3


3 Integrity
3 Presence
3 Resistance
2 Awareness
3 Dodge
2 Larceny
4 Martial Arts
3 Melee
3 Athletics
1 Linguistics (Riverspeak; Flametongue)
1 Lore
1 Occult



Artifact 2: A white jade cestus; prize for winning the Chiaroscuran Calibration Tournament
Face 2: Crimson Wind is well-known throughout the South.
Manse 1: Mirage Ruby, found here
Resources 2: Winnings from her bouts

Willpower, Virtues and Intimacies

Compassion 3 (Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion)
Conviction 2
Temperance 3
Valor 2
Willpower 6

Intimacies: Coral (Her kid sister); A Good Challenge, Redtooth (her former sifu and Lunar mate; funny how that works, huh?)

Essence and Health

Essence 3
15/15 Personal
32/37 Peripheral
5 Committed

0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Dying, Dying, Dying, Dying, Dead


Hulud's Fist
Level Two Cestus

This cestus, made from the tanned hide of one of the large worms that burrow through the sands of the Deep South and studded with white jade, was the grand prize of the annual martial arts tournament that takes place in Chiaroscuro every Calibration. The spirit of the worm charges the leather, allowing the wielder to pierce through stone as though it were sand; the cestus does an additional two dice of damage against stone. The back of the cestus holds a socket for a hearthstone.


Aspect: Fire
Level: 1
Location: South of Chiaroscuro

Description shall come when I am more awake X.x

Hearthstone: Mirage Ruby

Attunement Recognition
Basic Senses
Cosmetic Displays

Comfort Zone
Well-Flavored Aspect


  • Athletics
    • Increasing Strength Exercise
  • Dodge
    • Shadow Over Water
  • Integrity
    • Integrity Protecting Prana
  • Martial Arts
    • First Pulse Style
      • Hunter Bags the Deer
      • Lightning Mental Armament
      • Stubborn Monkey Hesitation
      • Bird-of-Paradise Whistles in the North
      • Poisoned Rat Moves Without Pride
      • First Pulse Form
  • Presence
    • Second Presence Excellency
  • Resistance
    • Durability of Oak Meditation
    • Iron Skin Concentration



  • Dodge DV 4(5-1)
  • Parry DV
  • Dodge MDV 6
  • Parry MDV 2-3


  • Unarmored
    • Standard: 3B/1L/0A
  • Buff Jacket
    • Standard: 7B/3L/3A

Combat Statistics

  • Join Battle 6
  • Clinch
    • Standard: Spd 6, Acc +0(8), Dmg +0B(3B), Def -, Rate 1
  • Kick
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc +0(8), Dmg +3B(6B), Def -2(6), Rate 2
  • Punch
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc +1(9), Dmg +0B(3B), Def +2(10), Rate 3
  • Cestus
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc +0(8), Dmg +5B(8B), Def +2(10), Rate 3

Bonus and Experience Points

Bonus Points

Wits 3 (4)
MA 4 (1)
Poisoned Rat Moves Without Pride (4)
First Pulse Form (4)
Temperance 3 (3)

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