Custom Charms



Dead Man's Face Mien
Prerequisites: Prey's Skin Disguise, Essence 3, Appearance 4
This Knack works exactly as Prey's Skin Disguise, except it allows the Lunar to Hunt and take on the forms of human ghosts.



Hand of the Great Maker
Cost: 20m, 1wp
Mins: Intelligence 4, Ess 3
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Any Two Intelligence Excellencies

A net of wires spun from orichalcum and iron are installed beneath the skin of the Alchemical with this Charm. Its effects mimic those of Wyld-Shaping Technique (Exalted, pg 216). Alchemicals with Intelligence 5 and Essence 4 may install the following submodule for 3 bonus points or 6 experience points:

Permanence: This submodule enhances Hand of the Great Maker, applying the changes seen in Wyld Cauldron Technique (Exalted, pg 217)



Donning the Heavenly Pelt
Prerequisites: Hearth-and-Flame Shell, Essence 5, Stamina 4
This Knack works exactly as Hearth-and-Flame Shell, except it allows the Lunar to Hunt and take on the form of little gods. By taking on its form, the Lunar is granted access to the spirit's sanctum. However, the god's star does fall from the sky, which means that those who pay attention to such things may know that the Lunar is an impostor.

Touch of the Great Maker
Prerequisites: Essence 4, Stamina 4
One of the odder Knacks available to Luna's Chosen, Touch of the Great Maker allows the Lunar to take on the form of an object. This is accomplished by bargaining with the little god of the object in question; if the Lunar does one small favor for the god, the spirit gives of itself willingly. Once he takes on the form of the object, the Lunar is considered Inactive in any form of combat; also, unless the item has 'eyes', he is at a -2 penalty for observing his surroundings.

Many Forms As One
Prerequisites: Humble Mouse Shape, Essence 3, Stamina 4
This somewhat disturbing Knack allows a Lunar to break his form down into a pile of small animals, usually rodents or insects. Ten of the creatures are considered the leaders; inside these ten are the intellect and memories of the Lunar. The rest, which equal the Lunar's Essence times 100 in number, will follow the commands of the leaders. While in swarm form, the Lunar's Dexterity is increased to 6; attackers trying to get to the leaders have a -4 to their pool due to the mass of creatures they have to fight through. If the swarm is damaged before the Lunar reforms, the Lunar retains the damage once back in one piece. If a number of creatures equal to (total creatures divided by total health levels) are killed, the Lunar takes 1L which can be healed normally.

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