Danielle Flynn


Danielle Flynn was born to a computer programmer that made it it big in the 80's with a few popular video games, eventually starting his own gaming company based in New York City. Danielle followed in her father's footsteps rather quickly, learning how to make code dance beneath her fingertips at a time where most other children were still working on their long division. She was a shy child, having only a small group of friends through her younger years. She much preferred talking with her father about his business and working on projects with him.

As she reached high school, Danielle began branching out socially, although she was still firmly planted in the computer nerd category. Her circle of friends expanded and she began to be a bit more comfortable around people. She received a scholarship to UC Berkley for computer science and spent the next four years impressing her professors with her skill and her drive. She went to Cal Tech for her graduate work; however, something occurred that put a major kink in things.

One night, while working on her thesis in her apartment, her computer screen flickered, briefly showing a somewhat SHODAN-esque face made of blue electricity. Danielle, being both concerned and confused, shut down the computer; despite this, the face remained. In a voice that crackled like a fax coming in, it spoke the word COMPLY, and Danielle found herself drawn to the screen. Moments later she was pulled through the computer and into the Hedge. The next day, her graduate adviser received an e-mail from Danielle stating that she was going to be taking a year off to work on her thesis.

In Arcadia, Danielle was meticulously scanned by a number of fae contraptions, her every cell reduced to a byte of information. She became nothing more than a human program, locked inside a network set up by one of the more tech-savy Gentry. She, along with hundreds of other 'programs', were sent on their respective tasks by their Keeper, who monitored everything and ruled with an iron fist. While she worked, she always kept a part of herself partitioned off to protect her memories of home from her Keeper; this, she believes, is the only reason she was later able to make it home.

About a year after she had been Taken, a number of the other 'programs' (Danielle included) began adding slight errors to their work. In time, those errors caused the realm to crash, allowing the group a way out of Arcadia. Danielle zipped out into the Hedge, called by the familiar signals of her father's work computer. She ripped herself out of the Hedge, pushing her way through the computer…and landing in her very startled father's lap.

She explained what had happened, and her father, much to her surprise, believed her. He revealed that something similar had happened to him in his youth, but he had been able to get out before he was fully converted. She stayed with him for a few days, then went back to Cal Tech to finish her degree. She moved back to New York, falling in with the Spring Court not too long after her arrival. She currently does odd jobs for members of the less-computer-literate freehold, including building new rigs and helping with getting the proper paperwork for folks who need a new face. She also is the owner of a small internet cafe in Manhattan.


To most, Danielle (who normally goes by her last name, Flynn) appears to be a young woman in her mid-20's with pale skin, long coppery blond hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, and dark green eyes. She normally wears sneakers, jeans and t-shirts, with a number of tools peeking out of pockets. Around her neck is a small gold locket on a gold chain; barring that, she wears no other jewelry.

This, of course, is explained when one looks behind the Mask. She appears to be made out of blue lightning, ones and zeroes running through it at impressive speeds. Small arcs of electricity emit from her hair, and her eyes glow a brilliant green. At times, she leaves vapor trails when she runs, resulting in a thin line of blue that snakes behind her.

The Basics

Name: Flynn
Seeming: Elemental
Blessing: Spend 1 Glamour and add a number of Health boxes equal to Wyrd. Works once per day.
Curse: No 10-again rule on dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize.
Kith: Levinquick
Blessing: Fireflaught’s Vigor - The player may spend one Glamour to add two points to both Speed and Initiative. The blessing lasts for one turn per dot of the character’s Wyrd.
Court: Spring


Strength 1 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Intelligence 3 Wits 3 Resolve 2
Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 3


Academics 2
Computer (Coding) 3
Crafts (Repair) 3
Investigation 1
Science 2

Athletics 2
Brawl (Blocking) 1
Drive (Motorcycles) 2
Firearms 1
Larceny 1

Expression 2
Socialize 1
Subterfuge 1

Merits, Pledges and Contracts

Allies 1 (Her father)
Eidetic Memory
Fast Reflexes 1
Mantle (Spring) 1
Resources 2
Quick Draw(Firearms) 1

Communion (Electricity) 2
Elements (Electricity) 3


Wyrd: 1
Clarity: 7
Glamour: 10/1

Health 7
Speed 9
Willpower 5
Defense 3
Init Mod 7
Armor 0

ST Notes

  • Danielle's father is a permanently ensorcelled mortal, thanks to the brief time he spent in Arcadia in his youth.
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