Dean Caliban Corso

The Basics

Name: Dean 'Caliban' Corso
Age: 30
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride
Concept: Bookhunter

Nimbus: A corona of black flame, casting deep shadows across his surroundings. His eyes glow a dull red, and tendrils of smoke arise from the ground where he walks.


Intel 3
Wits 2
Resolve 4

Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 2
Manipulation 3
Composure 2


Academics 3 (Research)
Computers 2
Investigation 3
Occult 3 (The Abyss)

Firearms 1
Larceny 2 (Security Systems)
Stealth 1

Intimidation 1
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Subterfuge 2

Arcana and Rotes

Mind 3 (Brass bookmark)
Prime 2 (Picture of his former mentor, her nimbus visible thanks to an imbued camera)
Space 1 (Ancient iron key)

Finder (Space 1) – 7 (Intelligence+Investigation+Space)
Analyze Enchanted Item (Prime 1) - 8 (Intelligence+Occult+Prime)
Supernal Vision (Prime 1) - 7 (Wits+Occult+Prime)
Misperception (Mind 2) - 8 (Manipulation+Stealth+Mind)
Transform Aura (Prime 2) - 8 (Intelligence+Occult+Prime)
Counterspell Prime (Prime 2) - 7 (Composure+Occult+Prime)


Contacts **
Language (High Speech) *
Language (French) *
Resources **
Sanctum *
Status (Mysterium) *


Gnosis 2
Willpower 6
Wisdom 5
Derangement - Suspicion

Health 7
Size 5
Speed 9
Defense 2
Init Mod 4

Experience Points

  • Gained:
    • 10 - Dropping Wisdom to 5
    • 20 - From sessions
  • Spent:
    • 4 - Counterspell Prime (Prime 2)
    • 2 - Analyze Enchanted Item (Prime 1)
    • 2 - Sanctum 1
    • 2 - Language (French)
    • 2 - Status (Mysterium) 1


To travel in silence, by a long and circuitous route

Dean Corso grew up in a large family in Manhattan, the youngest of seven. The family wasn't particularly well-off, but his parents did their level best to make sure that he and his siblings had a proper education. As the youngest sibling, Dean grew up with a penchant to watch people and learn what he could about them. Through his observations, he became quite adept at learning how to manipulate others and run mental circle around them. Dean did well enough in school, getting a degree in history from NYU as he worked in a local book store. Once he graduated, he made his way into the cutthroat world of rare book collection, using his contacts in the industry to become one of the best men in the business.

To brave the arrows of misfortune and fear neither noose nor fire

One day, Dean was approached by a notable collector who was seeking a rare text, said to have an impressive amount of occult power. Dean, being rather cynical about such things, agreed to go on the search for the book, if only because the collector was offering a large sum of money for it. Dean made his way to France, where the book was last seen. While searching for the book, Dean found himself immersed in an occult society that wanted the book for very different reasons than his patron, and as he went on, he began to slowly but surely peek behind the Veil and realize that there was more to the world than he knew. His knowledge was solidified as he watched his patron attempt one of the rituals in the text and the man collapsed, writhing and screaming in pain. Dean was able to make it out of the area alive…and with the book in hand.

To play the greatest of all games and win, foregoing no expense

As he left the room in the old French castle where his patron was meeting a painful death, everything suddenly lurched to the right. He reached out to grab the wall beside him, but it felt warm beneath his hand. Looking at it, he jumped back as the fleshy surface rippled at his touch. Dean, as far as he was concerned, had walked into Hell; twisted creatures roamed the halls of the immense building he had found himself into, halls which moved seemingly at their own whim. He wandered for what felt like both minutes and eons, eventually making his way to the central tower of the castle. Inside, he found a text much like the one he had in hand, but with what he (somehow) knew to be the proper incantations for the ritual. Dean tossed the other book aside and began reading from the true book, feeling power surge through him as he spoke. The incantation finished, he placed his hand on the text and thought the name which he would call himself from this point: Caliban, the half-man from The Tempest. With that, the world went black, and Caliban found himself on his back in the courtyard of the temple. However, he wasn't alone.

is to mock the vicissitudes of Fate and gain at last the key

The woman who found him in the courtyard called herself Liana, and explained to Caliban what had happened. She said that he was a Mastigos as she was, and offered to tutor him in the ways of magic. He agreed, and for the next six months he stayed at her side, learning how to tap into the minds of others as well as the power of the world itself. What Caliban did not know, however, was that Liana was a Scelestus who was leading him towards the Abyss. She taught him how to Beckon, to bring the Abyss with his spells and protect his magic from the Lie. Soon enough, he found himself on another path, toward that of Joining with the Abyssal Watchtower. On the night that he signed his name once more, a group of Mysterium mages attacked Liana's stronghold and killed her. Caliban, having just awoken from his journey, found himself being driven away from the burning wreck of his former master's apartment.

that will unlock the Ninth Gate

That was two years ago, and Caliban has since joined the Mysterium, having learned what his mentor was. This, however, has not changed his alliance with the Abyss. Thus far, thanks to Liana's teachings, he has been able to cover the bulk of his 'taint'. He knows, however, that his luck will eventually run out. However, he will not try to reneg on his alliance; he knows far too well the cost of that.

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