Dossier Seattle Concilium

Dossier – 12/13/2006

Shadow Name: Caliban
Birth Name: Melissa Dumont
Nickname(s): Corso
DOB: 5/22/?? (Assumed between 1975 and 1980)
Birthplace: Paris, France

Tower: Mastigos
Awakening: 2005
Order: n/a; Apostate
Mentor: Lydia, Mastigos; known Scelestus; deceased

Arcana Known: Mind, Adept
Other Possible Arcana: Space, degree unknown; Prime, degree unknown

Magus known as Caliban retrieved from sanctum of known Scelestus Lydia December 11th 2006.

Born in Paris, moved to New York City in youth. Graduated from NYU in 1997, went into book collection business. Known clients include Marie Dupont, Joseph Namens, Henri Gallagher. Last known assignment was for retrieval of text known as L'atteinte à la tour murs by Alec Chastain for Joseph Namens. Chastain known Mad One Obrimos in Paris in late 18th century; L'atteinte à la tour murs third of a trio of books detailing a number of Supernal topics, thought to detail path to Awakening.

Details between acquisition of L'atteinte à la tour murs and retrieval in Seattle sketchy at best. Thought to have Awakened soon after acquisition of L'atteinte à la tour murs in 2005. Scelestus Lydia known to have arrived in Seattle in October of 2006, magus Caliban in tow. Scelestus dispatched by Broken Arrow cabal; magus Caliban found meditating after disposal of threat; moved to safehouse designated by Consilium. Unknown if magus has become Scelestus; moderate-to-high Abyssal resonance detected, requires further study.

Course of Action:

Continues observation of magus Caliban recommended.
Determine how deep Abyssal taint goes.
Reeducation of pentacle society needed.

Observations done by: Kincaid, Sentinel of the Consilium of Seattle

Addendum – 5/13/07

Caliban has done well under my wing for the past six months. The first two weeks or so she wouldn’t talk to anyone; I think she was mourning the passage of her former mentor. After that, though, she started answering my questions, and I was able to begin correcting some of the misinformation her mentor had taught her. She was eager to learn more about the Pentacle, as her mentor told her little about the true Atlantean orders. She has expressed interest in joining the Mysterium; will speak with the Hierophant.

As one would expect, Caliban knows a great deal about various Abyssal entities. Her insight and knowledge aided my cabal greatly during the incident in April of this year. However, the amount of Abyssal resonance in her magic – although lessened – is still worrisome. I will be consulting others on the possible source of this resonance.

Calliope, Thyrsus of the Alae Draconis, Member of the Broken Arrow Cabal

Note: Calliope and the rest of her cabal died during an expedition in Peru on 6/12/07. L

Addendum – 12/13/07

The magus Caliban has been a member of the Alae Draconis for four months now. I have been asked to monitor her progress since the death of her former mentor, Calliope of the Broken Arrow Cabal. Caliban has continued her studies, increasing her ability in her primary Arcana to Disciple levels. She has also aided us in acquiring a number of notable texts for the Athenaeum. She has adjusted well over the past year.

On the anniversary of her former mentor’s death, Caliban laid claim to the territory once held by her mentor. As the area holds a low-level Hollow, there was contention over her claim. Finally, a Certamen was called between Caliban and Dioria, an Acanthus of the Visus Draconis who also had dealings in that neighborhood. Caliban bested the more experienced magus rather quickly, much to the surprise of all present.

The Abyssal resonance that was noted by my colleagues seems to have decreased dramatically, although it occasionally flares up in Caliban’s casting. She is still reluctant to speak about a possible source for this resonance, although it can be assumed to come from her former mentor.

Pryce, Obrimos of the Alae Draconis, Member of The Watchers Cabal

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