Elizabeth DeBris

The Basics

Name: Elizabeth DeBris
Concept: Anti-nova Nova
Eruption: Exposure to Quantum Powers
Nature: Gallant
Allegiance: None

Attributes and Abilities

Strength o

Dexterity ooooo
Athletics ooooo
Legerdemain oo
Melee ooo

Stamina ooo
Endurance ooo
Resistance ooo

Perception ooo
Awareness ooo

Intelligence oooo
Academics ooo
Computer o
Linguistics oo (French; English, Spanish)

Wits ooo
Arts ooo
Rapport oooo

Appearance ooooo
Style ooo

Manipulation ooo
Subterfuge ooo

Charisma ooo
Command oo
Etiquette oo
Perform (Dance) ooooo


Allies oo (Katherine DeBris, her mother)
Attunement o
Influence (Dance world) oo
Node oo
Resources ooooo

Mega Attributes, Enhancements and Powers

Mega-Charisma o (Disconcerting; see below)
Mega-Dexterity oo (Physical Prodigy)

Deflect/Redirect ooo (Dex + D/R + 2 auto)
Disimmunize oo (Int + Diss)
Quantum Vampire (Powers) ooo (Sta + QV)

Quantum: ooo
Quantum Pool: 26
Taint: oo
Willpower: oooooo

Bonus, Nova and Experience Points

BP (15): Quantum 3 (14), Spec: Perform (1)
NP (36): Willpower 6 (3), Quantum Vampire 3 (9), Disimmunize 2 (6), Deflect/Redirect 3 (3), Mega-Dex 2 (6), Mega-App 1 (3), Backgrounds (1), Attributes (2), Abilities (3)

Custom Enhancement

Despite what some may think, not all of the forms of charisma (and therefore Mega-Charisma) are pleasant. Case in point: A nova with this enhancement can use her superhuman force of personality offensively, as her glare is enough to cow even the boldest of baselines.

System: The nova automatically wins all stare downs (a form of the Intimidation ability) against non-Inspired beings and receives +3 automatic successes on stare downs against Inspired opponents. The nova may also temporarily stun a non-Inspired target with her superhuman force of personality via his gaze. To do so, the nova makes eye contact with the intended target (who must have a Willpower score that's equal to or lower than the nova's base Charisma rating). The nova then rolls Intimidation with a difficulty penalty of +1. Success forces the subject to lose his next combat action (if in combat) or automatically fail his next opposed Social roll (if out of combat). This enhancement is always in effect and costs no quantum points to activate. Fortunately(?), a nova is limited to using the secondary function of this enhancement only twice per day against any one individual.

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