Elizabeth Dixon

Phase One - Youth

Ask anyone about the reigning acting families of the United States, and most will be able to name the Fondas, maybe even the Barrymores. Few outside of New York City, however, will mention the Hoffmans. Abigail Hoffman and her husband Wilhelm arrived through the gates of Ellis Island in 1895, and wasted no time becoming part of the quickly growing movement known as vaudeville. Any New Yorker worth their salt knew that any show a Hoffman put on would be worth seeing. Members of the family began taking rolls in more traditional theater as well, broadening the fame of the rapidly growing clan.

Into this family of stagehands and singers was born one Elizabeth Abigail Hoffman, youngest of eight. Right off the bat, Elizabeth took to the stage like a duck to water. She did her first performance at five, and the sky was the limit from there…until the Crash of '29, that is. Elizabeth's family was as hard-hit by the Depression as any other American family, but they made their way. Elizabeth and her older siblings did street performances, usually scrounging up enough for that week's meal.

As times got a bit better, Elizabeth went back to the stage. She scored a few minor roles, but a leading role always seemed out of her reach. When she turned 18, she nearly joined her eldest brother in his quest to break into Hollywood. Two things kept her from leaving the Apple, however. Well, one thing, really.

Aspects: Broadway Baby; Knows Her Way Around

Phase Two - The War

That thing was a devilishly handsome young man from the Bronx by the name of William Dixon. The two met during a cast party and hit it off immediately. The relationship was wild and moved as quick as a New York minute; he proposed in December of 1940, only eight months after they met. The two were married in April, and things were looking up for the pair. Eight months later, however, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, and everything changed.

William signed up for the Army, inspired by the actions of some of the soldiers in Hawaii to do his part. At first, Elizabeth was heartbroken; however, she learned about the newly-formed group of entertainers who were heading out to bring up the spirits of the men serving the stars and bars. She quickly signed up, hoping to be at William's base in England. She found herself, however, in North Africa in early 1942.

Although life traveling between bases was a definite change from the big city, Elizabeth realized that her shows and skits were really helping out the boys. She began to really grow on some of the gents, and they on her. However, new opportunities arose when one of the intelligence officers got wind of her knack with accents and languages…

Aspects - A Wonderful Guy; There Is Nothin' Like a Dame

Phase Three - The Novel

Danger Beneath The Sands!

Actress Elizabeth Dixon, sweetheart of the boys in blue, is called to serve her country in a whole new way when rumors of a newly designed super-weapon arise from a small town in Morocco. Will the skills that served her so well on the stage get her through the German camp surrounding the town? What will she find there? Who is the one man always following her, and what does he want?

Aspects - I'm Not That Girl; I'm Calm, I'm Calm

Phase Four - Other Adventures

Guest Starring in…
Surtr Dar'Kunst: Blitzkrieg! Rain of Destruction

The Third Reich has done it again, with surprising skill they have dissected
the arcane principles and used them to create their newest toy… the Thaumaturgical Desert Converter. This terrible device can ignite the very water in the atmosphere at up to 15 miles away… or underground! Can our brave heroes stop the device before it reeks havoc on the allies or even the Nazi's Drau allies?! Can they invade it's sanctuary housed within the massive aerial stronghold of Laputa?! Only time will tell!

Aspects: You Weren't Wrong to Doubt Me, Mein Heir; Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Phase Five - Other Adventures

Guest-Starring in…
William St. John Hamilton's The Ace's New Wings

RAF ace pilot William St. John Hamilton is chosen to pilot a brand-new variant of the Supermarine Spitfire. And it turns out to be a little bit more than even he was expecting! Nevertheless, when the Jerries arrive unannounced to make life hell for the valiant Allied soldiers in North Africa, including the heroic Cpl. Tommy Archer of the New Zealand Long Range Desert Group, he must take this machine into actual battle and push it to its limits!

Aspects: Rainbow High; Oh, What a Circus!

Character Sheet


Superb: Art
Great: Rapport, Deceit
Good: Alertness, Empathy, Contacting
Fair: Academics, Fist, Gambling, Resources
Average: Slight of Hand, Athletics, Drive, Endurance, Resolve


  • Broadway Baby
  • Knows Her Way Around
  • A Wonderful Guy
  • There Is Nothin' Like a Dame
  • I'm Not That Girl
  • I'm Calm, I'm Calm
  • You Weren't Wrong to Doubt Me, Mein Heir
  • Tomorrow Belongs to Me
  • Rainbow High
  • Oh, What a Circus!


  • Art
    • Virtuoso
    • All the World's a Stage
  • Disguise
    • Clever Disguise
    • Mimicry
    • Master of Disguise
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