Evoker Gun
Level 7 Artifact

This small item resembles a stylized Walther PPK handgun. A clip is loaded in the base, a round chambered and the safety disabled for the weapon to be ready. Curiously, the weapon is not designed to be fired at enemies, or even harm another. Instead, special rounds charged with psychic energy are loaded into the Gun. The user then points the Gun at her own head and fires. A blast of energy is released as the energy screams from the barrel and smashes into the Astral Barrier surrounding the user’s skull. The special energy zooms it’s way inside the user’s psyche, deep into his Onerios. There it finds the user’s Realm of Virtue and makes it’s way to the user’s Goetic Angel. There, the energy blossoms into a binding of command, willing the Angel to rise from it’s Virtuous Throne and come to the user’s aid. The creatures rips itself out of the user’s head in a terrific explosion of glass and psychic residue and emerges forth, ready for action. As a creature of the user’s higher self, it’s power is dependent on the light in the user’s soul. If he be a man of petty wickedness and cruelty, his higher self will be decrepit, riddled with the holes the user has filled his soul with. If he is moral and of good nature, then his Angel will shine with the user’s inner light. Rumors exist of dark weapons able to call the darker portions of a person's soul to the physical world, if so, such creatures would grow in strength as the light of the user's soul grew dark.

The user points the gun to his head and fires the trigger. The user must make a Willpower (Resolve+Composure) roll to successfully charge the bullets with the appropriate psychic energy to pierce the Astral Wall. Because the user charges the rounds with his own energy, this makes the Evoker useless if fired at anyone other the then the user. Failure, or the user not having any temporary Willpower points means the character lacks the mental strength to reach inside himself to call his Angel.

The Angel has the statistics of an average Spirit of appropriate rank. To calculate the rank of the Spirit, take the user’s Morality and divide it by two.

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