Explodeygame Npcs


Acarymaru - Diplomat; Knower of the Way.
Amurti - Entertainer; One of Jairika's most prized commoners.
Anaikya - Cataphract; An army in his own right
Aramika - Artisan; Called the Constant Gardener, owns a small freehold in the Deep South.
Jairika - Artisan; Ruler of Samudaya and Matriarch of the Obsidian Household.



Ledaal Kebok Avana - Air Aspect; Myca's loving cousin


The Herald of Oblivions Grasp - Day Caste; out of her fucking gourd.
Shaper of a Thousand Shattered Facets - Daybreak Caste; artifacer extrordinare
Speaker of the Perfected Word - Moonshadow Caste; loyal to two lords.

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