The Basics

Name: Flickerflash
Seeming: Elemental
Blessing: Spend 1 Glamour and add a number of Health boxes equal to Wyrd. Works once per day.
Curse: No 10-again rule on dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize.
Kith: Fireheart
Blessing: Flickering Acumen - Spend points of Glamour to add to Wits-based dice pools, on a one for one basis.
Court: Summer


Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 3
Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 2
Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2


Investigation 2
Medicine 2 (Physical Therapy)

Athletics 3 (Sprinting)
Brawl 3 (Boxing)
Drive 2 (Motorcycles)
Weaponry 3

Expression 1
Intimidation 2
Persuasion 1
Socialize 2
Streetwise 2

Merits, Pledges and Contracts

Court Goodwill (West) 2
Fame 2 (Former Olympian)
Striking Looks 2
Fleet of Foot 3
Mantle (Summer) 5
Roll 4 dice when spending a Willpower point on a Strength-based roll instead of 3; gain 1 point of Armor, permanent; gain one Health dot, permanent.
Resources 2

Elements 2 (Fire)
Eternal Summer 5


Wyrd: 3
Glamour: 12

Willpower: 4
Health: 9
Clarity: 6
Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative: 5
Speed: 10
Armor: 1


Once, there was a boy named William Kennedy. He was from the South Side of Chicago, the oldest of a big family. He was kind of smart, kind of handsome, but if there was one thing he could do well, dear God could that boy run. He made the track team in high school with a time on the 100m that made the coach nearly choke, and only got better from there. He got scholarship offers from dozens of colleges, finally choosing the University of Washington. There, he topped the ranks of the collegiate level, and - with a hell of a lot of work - made it onto the US Olympic team for the 2000 games in Atlanta.

Running in the Olympics gave the young black man a rush that couldn't be described. However, William would not be allowed to savor his accomplishments. The night before his last race, he was spirited away by a member of the Gentry who had been watching the young man perform. His fetch ran valiantly, but fell into a distant fifth; the real William was made of sturdier stuff, it seemed.

William was dumped unceremoniously onto a track made of stones that looked like - no, were people - and told to do one thing, and one thing alone: run. And run he did. He ran for nearly two years straight, forced to go faster and faster by his mad Keeper until he eventually caught fire. This cheered his Keeper immensely (for, you see, the rest of its runners died before hitting that point), who only made William run faster. Eventually, William had had enough. With a burst of speed not seen outside an issue of The Flash, he ran straight through the thorn walls that surrounded the track, leaving scorchmarks in his wake

Much to William's chagrin, he found out that his fetch had been suspended from track events due to doping allegations. He promptly took care of said fetch, and worked to clear his name. During that time, he became part of the Seasonal freehold in Seattle, and took to protecting the bums of the city who lived in the Underground along with his motley. These days he's still not allowed back on the track, but he's somewhat okay with that. He's run for a long, long time; it's kind of nice to take a little break and protect those who need it.


Those who watched him compete at the Summer Olympics in Athens would recognize William Kennedy quite easily. His well-build runner's frame, as well as his smoldering brown eyes and shining smile, make him quite the catch. He commonly wears jeans and tank tops while out and about, but is known to cut quite the dashing figure in a well-made suit. He keeps his black hair long, done in intricate braids and tied back.

Those who can see behind the Mask, however, see Flickerflash in all his fiery glory. In form, he looks much like he did before his Durance. However, a corona of brilliant red flame surrounds him, and his eyes shine with a golden light rarely seen outside of the Hedge. His connection to Summer is obviously apparent; some wonder why he hasn't made a move for any of the Summer positions in the freehold, or even for the title of king himself. If asked about it, though, Flickerflash just laughs; he's quite happy working in the Underground with his motley, hunting vampires and protecting those who live there.

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