Gabriella Monroe

The Basics

Name: Gabriella Monroe
Alias(es): None
Occupation: Young Humanitarian
Convictions: Helping the World, Both Living and Dead (4), Diplomacy Before Violence (3), The World Is Strange, Let's Keep It That Way (3)

Archetype: Scion

  • Source: Divine
  • Permission: Power Theme (Child of Mictlan)
  • Intrinsic: No Will No Way
  • Permission: Peak Performer

Base Will: 10
Willpower: 21
Points: 300/300

Stats and Skills

Body: 3d (15 pts)
Coordination: 3d (15 pts)
Sense: 3d (15 pts)
Mind: 3d (15 pts)
Charm: 3d (15 pts)
Command: 3d (15 pts)

Top of Her Class (B; Mind) 3d (6 pts) Despite all of her travelling, Gabriella has kept up on her schooling and has a good grasp of what she should know as a girl of 17.
Friends Around the World (I) 3d (6 pts) In her relatively short life, Gabriella has been in most countries you can think of offhand. She keeps in touch with the friends she made while there; in a pinch, she can also get a hold of friends of her father.
Strength of Purpose (B/F) 3d (9 pts) Dedication to a cause gives Gabriella focus and a center pillar to fall back on in times of strife.
True Polyglot (B; Mind) 3hd (12 pts) A literal sponge for languages, Gabriella can speak a number of languages fluently and knows enough phrases to get by in others.
Navigation Expert (B/F) 3d (9 pts) Thanks to her father, Gabriella can navigate using anything from a map and compass to the stars themselves.
Student of Many Cultures (B/F) 3d (9 pts) Living in multiple countries has exposed Gabriella to many new cultures and peoples.
Boxing (B; Body) 3d (6 pts) Not a fan of guns or bladed weapons, Gabriella learned to fight with her fists.


Eyes of Mictlantecuhtli: 2hd (4pd; 16 pts) A blessing (of sorts) from the Lord of Mictlan, this power allows the bearer to perceive the ghosts who wander the world. This ability is always active, however, occasionally leading to odd situations.

  • Useful (See Ghosts)
    • Capacity: Self
    • Extras: Permanent (4)
    • Flaws: Obvious (Eyes glow faintly) (-1), Always On (-1)

Calling Forth the Eleventh Hour: 5d (9pd; 45 pts) Shadows darken as this power is used, coalescing in dark pools until their creator calls them forth.

  • Attacks
      • Capacity: Mass, Range
      • Extras: Power Capacity (Range) (2)
      • Flaws: Obvious (-1)
  • Defends
      • Capacity: Mass, Range
      • Extras: Power Capacity (Range) (2)
      • Flaws: Obvious (-1), If/Then (Negated by light-based attacks) (-1)
    • Useful (Create Shadow)
      • Capacity: Mass, Range
      • Extras: Power Capacity (Range) (2)
      • Flaws: Obvious (-1)
  • Useful (Control Shadow)
      • Capacity: Mass, Range
      • Extras: Power Capacity (Range) (2)
      • Flaws: Obvious (-1)

Jaguar Warriors: 5hd (1pd; 10 pts) The best that the Aztecs had to offer, these ghostly soldiers are an official bodyguard to the bearer of the green jade jaguar pendant that they dwell within.

  • Useful (Summon Minions)
    • Capacity: Range
    • Extras: Duration (2)
    • Flaws: Direct Feed (-2), Focus (-1)

The abilities of the Jaguar Warriors include:

  • Light Armor: 3hd (2pd; 12 pts), taking the form of jaguar-skin armor
    • Defends
      • Capacity: Self
      • Extras: Endless (3), Native Power (1)
      • Flaws: Armored Defense (-2), Attached (Minions) (-2)
  • Harm: 4d (2pd; 8 pts), taking the form of claws
    • Attacks
      • Capacity: Mass
      • Extras: Native Power (1), Penetration
      • Flaws: Attached (Minions) (-2)
  • Aura of Fear: 2hd (3pd; 12 pts)
    • Useful (Cause fear in opponents)
      • Capacity: Self
      • Extras: Area (1), Controlled Effect (1), Native Power (1)
      • Flaws: Attached (Minions) (-2)
  • Unconventional Move: 2hd (1pd; 4 pts)
    • Useful (Climbing)
      • Capacity: Self
      • Extras: Native Power (1)
      • Flaws: Attached (Minions) (-2)
  • Guardian Stance: 3hd (3pd; 18 pts)
    • Useful (Protect Creator)
      • Capacity: Self
      • Extras: Interference (3)
      • Flaws: Attached (Minions) (-2)


If asked, Gabriella honestly couldn’t say what her hometown was – or her home country, for that matter. Her parents were goodwill ambassadors with the UN, so she travelled around constantly as a child. She loved every minute of it, learning things about new cultures and meeting new people as she went. Once she was old enough, she started working with her parents, learning to appreciate the feeling of accomplishment she received by helping others in need.

When she was sixteen, Gabriella and her parents arrived in Mexico City. The Day of the Dead festivities were just beginning as they made their way to their hotel, and Gabriella was able to talk her parents in letting her go look around by herself for a bit. They agreed, and she made her way out into the crowded streets. Much to her parents’ concern, though, she did not return that night.

While her parents fretted, Gabriella was quite safe, sitting in a café not too far away with a well-dressed man who wore a skull mask (which, at closer observation, wasn’t a mask at all). This man, of course, was not a man, but a god; Mictlantecuhtli in particular. He had scooped up Gabriella from the crowd and revealed a number of things to her. Firstly, her parents weren’t her real parents; she had been born right here in Mexico City. Secondly, her real mother was one of his daughters, thus making her his granddaughter. Thirdly, he said that most of the world had forgotten the dead, and that someone must speak up for those who have not entered Mictlan yet. Willing to help, Gabriella agreed to be that person. Mictlantecuhtli gave her a bony smile, then kissed her on the forehead.

The next morning, Gabriella found herself in her bed at the hotel. She readied herself for a scolding from her parents, but wasn’t ready for the faint glow that came from her eyes when she looked in the mirror…or the ghostly woman who walked out of the bathroom and through the door. She quickly rushed out of the room and told her parents everything. Much to her surprise, they were accepting of this news; they had been expecting it, in fact, as they had been asked by the god to take care of her.

Gabriella continued to travel with her family, helping both the living and the dead as she went. Now eighteen, she finds herself in California, waiting to see what comes over the horizon next.

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