Hestia Karamanlis

The Basics

Name: Hestia Karamanlis
Seeming: Fairest
Blessing: Spend Glamour to increase dice pools for Presence, Manipulation, and Persuasion. There is no untrained penalty for Social skills in which the character has no dots.
Curse: -1 on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity.
Kith: Flamesiren
Blessing: Burning Hypnotism - Once per scene, the player may spend one Glamour to surround the Flamesiren with a blazing flame-like aura. Anyone looking at the Flamesiren must make a successful Resolve + Composure roll, or suffer a two-dice penalty to all actions until the character decides to douse the aura or the scene ends, thanks to the distraction.
Court: Summer


Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 2
Presence 3 Manipulation 2 Composure 3
Intelligence 2 Wits 2 Resolve 3


Academics 3 (History)
Investigation 3
Occult 3 (Magic)
Politics 2

Athletics 2 (Throwing)
Brawl 2

Intimidation 2 (Stare-Downs)
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Subterfuge 1

Merits, Pledges and Contracts

Language (Greek) 1
Mantle (Summer) 3
Roll 4 dice when spending a Willpower point on a Strength-based roll instead of 3; gain 1 point of Armor, permanent.
Resources 3

Elementals (Fire) 3
Vainglory 2


Wyrd: 2
Clarity: 5
Glamour: 11/2

Flaw: One Eye

Health 7
Speed 9
Willpower 6
Defense 2
Init Mod 5
Armor 1


Hestia Karamanlis was born into a family of scholars, occultists who had been studying the arcane arts for centuries. A few of her ancestors had Awakened, and a sizable number of them were accomplished thamaturges in their own right. Hestia herself was a skilled pyromancer, able to control and shape flame as she saw fit. She was one of the rising stars of her family, and may have followed in her grandfather’s steps and joined the ranks of the Obrimoi one day. That, alas, did not happen, all thanks to the meddling of a creature by the name of Selas.

Selas was a True Fae, carved (as she saw it, anyway) from the flame of the goddess Hestia herself. Selas saw Hestia one day and was enraptured by the fire within the girl. So, she scooped her up on the spot, leaving a fetch with none of Hestia’s control over flame behind. Her family, of course, was heartbroken at their daughter’s sudden loss of control; however, they were also very suspicious of the loss and kept a close eye on her fetch to try and discover the reason behind it.

Hestia found herself in something resembling a Greek temple, surrounded by fellow 'priestesses' and forced to enact arcane and superfluous rites around a Sacred Flame (which, more often than not, was a Fireheart, screaming silently as she burned). As she was forced to take part in these rituals, her anger at being taken away from her life and stuck in this farce grew more and more, finally catching fire inside of her. She became a Flamesiren, using the brightness of the flame to her advantage. One night, when she had been chosen to lead the rite, she bedazzled her Keeper with her voice so that she and a number of the other priestesses were able to escape.

Hestia reappeared from the fireplace of her family’s home outside of Briarwood a year to the day after her disappearance, flames roaring around her. Her family, shocked at her sudden fiery return, moved aside without a thought as Hestia marched toward her fetch, screaming profanities as she called forth flames from within herself. The fight was fierce; a good bit of the land that the family owned was burned by the firestorm that occurred, and Hestia herself lost an eye in the fight. But, in time, things were righted, and Hestia proudly carries the Fetch-bane dagger that she pulled from her fetch to this day.

After dispatching her fetch, Hestia began pouring through her family’s library in an attempt to discover what had happened to her and where she had been taken. In time, her studies lead her to an Autumn courtier who quickly introduced the girl to the others in the freehold. Hestia quickly joined the Summer Court, and has since been an invaluable aid in cleaning out a number of privateer cells in Briarwood.



Behind the Mask, Hestia is a woman in her mid-twenties with pale skin and brilliant red hair (a note of her mother’s Irish heritage), with one green-blue eye that is filled with her passion and anger. She wears a black eyepatch to cover the other eye, which was damaged during the confrontation with her fetch. In terms of clothing, she is always in the finest, wearing tailored outfits that show off her excellent figure. She always keeps a dagger at hand, often concealing it in a purse or simply wearing it on her waist.

With the Mask removed, Hestia is shown to be a figure embodying the beauty of fire. Her form is changed to that of the ideal Greek woman, seen in sculptures of the Classical period. Her skin and hair ripple and flow like a flame, the color changing from red to orange to a golden-yellow. Her good eye is a sapphire blue, while its twin is clouded over and flecked like an opal. Her dagger reveals itself to be a Fetch-bane, made from the heart-shaped crystal filled with blue flame that her Keeper had placed inside of it.

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