Silver Dynasty: Icarans


Anyone who has studied the myths of the Ancient Greeks know the story of Daedelus and his son Icarus and their daring escape from Crete using wings made of wax and feathers. They would also know that Icarus, in his joy at finally being outside of the walls of the Minoan city, flew too close to the sun; his wings melting to nothing, the youth fell into the sea. While most consider the lad’s story to be over after the fall, members of the Icaran Dynasty know this not to be true. Just as Icarus reached the apex of his climb, he Awakened as an Obrimos, the fire of the sun finding a home within the breast of the young man. He relished the loss of his fake wings, knowing that he had learned better ways to fly. Although Daedalus looked for his son in the waves, he did not find him and moved on. However, Icarus was picked up by a ship leaving Crete and made his way to Corinth. Daedelus’ skill in craft emerged in the youth upon his Awakening, and his artifacts are almost as well-known among magi as his father’s are among mortals.

The Icarans have served as artificers and lorekeepers for the Ladder since one of Icarus’ descendants joined the order. Their command of fire (or pyros, as the Greek members of the family call it) is nearly unmatched among the Silver Dynasties. Their Curse causes them to be fiery of temper and hot-headed, but a passion for knowledge – and spreading that knowledge – lives inside every scion of the Dynasty. Although the occasional Icaran has gone to the Mysterium after Awakening, they are not looked down upon as harshly as those who join other orders.

Basic Details

Heritage Path: Obrimos
Nickname: Firebrands

The branches of the Icaran dynasty have primarily remained in families of Greek or Italian descent, and this is shown by their olive complexions, dark hair and robust features. Of course, families of other heritages have married into the Icarans, so other features are not unusual. No one style of dress exists among members of the family, although reds and golds are common when it comes to clothing colors. Feathers are also common, usually as part of jewelry or put into their hair. The quality of clothing is usually top-notch, thanks to the relatively wealthy status of most Icarans.


The blessings of the Firebrands refer back to both their ancestor's dangerous brush with the power of the sun and his later proclivity with the creation and study of mechanical wonders. While most Icarans will focus on either the knowledge of Prime or Forces, it is rare to find a Firebrand without the Blessing of Influence or Control Fire.


Influence Heat (Core)
Influence Light (Core)
Nightsight (Core)
Influence Fire (Core)
Control Fire (Core)
Containment (Mysterium)
Fiery Transformation (Core)


Analyze Enchanted Item (Core)
Supernal Vision (Core)
Activate Enchanted Item (Core)
Supernal Script (Mysterium)
Celestial Fire (Core)


Craftsman's Eye (Core)
Dark Matter (Core)
Jury Rig (Core)


The fire within the breast of an Icaran burns brightest when it ought to rest, sometimes causing the Proximus problems in situations when a cool head is needed. An Icaran does not receive 10-again on Willpower rolls to control or reign in their emotions.

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