Jared Borden


Jared Borden was always a bit of a loner. The youngest of a large family, he was often overlooked by his parents who at times saw him as the 'add-on' to the family they had planned for. Often left to his own devices, he became rather good and blending into the background and observing others. He moved through the school system with little fuss, not leaving much of a mark on his fellow students. He graduated from high school and took a year off to earn money for college. His choice of jobs, however, led him to a very different life than he would have otherwise led.

Jared took a job as a phone monkey at Intuit Medicines, a biotechnology firm that was becoming well-known for advanced prosthetics. He worked there for about five months behind a desk, fading into the background of the cubicle farm, before he was approached by one of his supervisors. Apparently, a new project testing out some of the firm's new equipment was starting up, and Jared had been one of the current employees chosen as part of the study group. After hearing a bit about the project (and seeing the impressive check that came along with his John Hancock), he signed on.

Not too long after, Jared discovered a few things about the project. One, it was being funded through DARPA, the Dept of Defense's favorite black hole for military tech projects. Two, he was the only human test subject in the project. Three, the project involved in-depth body scanning and a full mapping of his genetic code. By the time he had discovered all of this, however, he was already in too far to be released without worry of a breach in security.

He discovered the fourth part of the project about two months after being brought to the facility in the middle of nowhere Nevada. This part, the most crucial, was also the most invasive: namely, the implantation of a system of small devices that would allow changes to Jared's DNA sequences in various ways. Once the surgery was completed, Jared went through a terrifying week where his body changed and warped as the system calibrated itself to his genetic sequence. Weight, height, bone density, gender, facial features, age…everything was fluid, cells multiplying and destroying themselves in a flurry of activity. Thankfully for Jared, it was a painless process, but still horrifying to watch.

During that week, Jared was monitored closely, as the scientists working on the project were unsure if his body would be able to withstand such a sustained state of flux. In time, the calibration was complete, and Jared's body slowly but surely realigned itself with what was now its standard calibration. Jared began working with the scientists, calibrating a number of forms into the sequencing system. Occasionally, he would feel something bubble up in his mind, not lasting long enough for him to grasp. He mentioned it to the scientists, who made note of it but continued on with the research.

Two years after the sequencing system had been implanted, Jared had become comfortable with the system's working and was quite adept at shifting between sequences. A demonstration of his abilities was set up for the fine folks at DOD who had funded the project, which went swimmingly…until the point where Jared blacked out. He came to his senses three days later, clear across the country walking away from the wreckage of someone else's car. He panicked, then stood in shock as the memories of the past few days hit him like a ton of bricks: an unknown sequence activating during the demonstration, the devastation he left behind at the facility, the various people he hurt to get to where he was now.

Jared has been on the run for the past six months, doing his damnest to keep out of the government's hands. Any help he can get is, of course, highly appreciated…


While in his baseline sequence, Jared still looks like the nineteen year-old boy he was when he went under the knife: short cut brown hair, dark blue eyes, tan skin. His eyes, though, show him to be a man that has been through much more than his face shows. He wears loose clothing over a black bodysuit that is linked with the sequencing system, allowing him to stay modest while he shifts. He carries no obvious weapons, as he can become a weapon if the need truly arises.

The Basics

Name: Jared Borden
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Power Level: 10
Power Points: 0/163

Abilities and Derived Traits (42 pp)

Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 17 (+3)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 17 (+3)
Charisma 16 (+3)

Toughness 3 (0+3)
Fortitude 6 (3+3)
Reflex 5 (3+2)
Will 6 (3+3)

Skills (26 pp)

Acrobatics (5 Ranks + Dex): 8
Bluff (5 Ranks + Cha): 8
Climb (4 Ranks + Str): 6
Computers (5 Ranks + Int): 8
Concentration (4 Ranks + Wis): 7
Disable Device (8 Ranks + Int): 11
Drive (5 Ranks + Dex): 8
Escape Artist (7 Ranks + Dex): 10
Gather Information (8 Ranks + Cha): 11
Knowledge (Technology) (7 Ranks + Int): 10
Knowledge (Current Events) (5 Ranks + Int): 8
Knowledge (Pop Culture) (5 Ranks + Int): 8
Language 2 (English; French, Spanish)
Notice (8 Ranks + Wis): 11
Search (7 Ranks + Int): 10
Sense Motive (7 Ranks + Wis): 10
Sleight of Hand (6 Ranks + Dex): 10
Stealth (7 Ranks + Dex): 9

Powers and Feats

Powers (64 pp)

  • Age Shift 1 (8pp)
  • Biorhythms (Chi) (5 pp)
    • Boost (Physical) 5
  • Growth 4 (8 pp)
    • Flaw: Action (Standard Action) (-2 pp)
    • Alt Power: Shrinking 4 (Normal Strength)
  • Immunity 10 (10pp)
    • Age
    • Life Support
  • Morph 1 (-2 pp)
  • Regeneration (22 pp)
    • Recovery Rate (B 3; U 3; I 6)
    • Recovery Bonus 7
  • Supersenses (8 pp)
    • Sight (All; Acute. Extended, Rapid) (4pp)
    • Blindsight (4)

Feats (7 pp)

Instant Up
Quick Draw
Skill Mastery (Disable Device, Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand, Stealth)
Sneak Attack

Combat (12 pp)

Defense Bonus +3
Init Mod 3
Attack Bonus +3

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