Jessica Chase Meridian

The Basics

Name: Jessica ‘Chase’ Meridian
Age: 25
Path: Moros
Order: Guardian of the Veil
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride
Concept: Moros!Duckling


Intel 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 3
Manipulation 3
Composure 2


Academics 3
Computer 1
Investigation 2
Medicine 3 (Forensics)
Science 2 (Chemistry)

Brawl 3 (Boxing)
Larceny 1

Empathy 1
Intimidation 1
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Subterfuge 2

Arcana and Rotes

Matter 3
Time 2
Death 1

Postcognition (Time 2) – 10 (Init+Investigation+Time)
Forensic Gaze (Death 1) – 7 (Int+Med+Death)
Psychometry (Time 2) – 8 (Wits+Investigation+Time)
Dark Matter (Matter 1) – 8 (Intel+Occ/Science+Matter)


Resource *
Status (Medical) **
Language (High Speech) *
Striking Looks **
Eidetic Memory **


Gnosis 1
Willpower 4
Wisdom 7
Health 7
Size 5
Speed 9
Defense 2
Init Mod 4

Custom Rote

Psychometry Time OO

With this magic the mage is capable of delving into the past of any object she touches.

Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana

The mage must hold or touch the object she wishes to read. One success allows the mage to ask one question about the item’s past and get an answer. Additional successes allow follow-up questions, allowing the mage to get more specific details. This information comes to mage in the form of hazy imagery which the mage must try to interpret. Events that occure around an object offer very cryptic, surreal clues such as a pieces of sound or a distinctive odor. On the other hand, events that occurred actually using the item read offer very solid, visual and tactile information.

With additional magics (Space or Mind) the willworker can know exactly where an object came from or read the Resonance and emotional states of those who used the item in times long past. Quote: The mage’s casting roll is modified by her sympathy (page 115) to the object. The mage’s own possessions have an Intimate or Known connection to her depending on her feelings toward the object and how long she has possessed it. Items she may have seen or used once before the reading have an Acquainted connection (-6 modifier to her casting pool) while an item she is encountering for the very first time is an Encountered connection, levying a -8 modifer to her Dice Pool. Like the Space Arcanum, some of the sympathic connections can be touch calls, but it’s not an exact science and a little guesswork is expected in such situations.

Myterium Rote: Stir of Echoes
Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Time

Mysterium mages use this rote to uncover the lost secrets of the past. Adamantine Arrow mages use the exact same rote for more stategic purposes in order to gather intelligence on their enemies.

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