Julia Hanover

The Basics

Name: Julia Hanover
Allegiance: NEG
Profession: Para-psychic
Race: Human
Concept: CSI

Virtue: Imaginative
Flaw: Insecure


Agility 6
Intellect 7
Perception 6
Presence 5
Strength 5
Tenacity 7

Actions: 1
Movement: 9mph (22/5ypt)
Orgone: 12
Reflex: 6
Vitality: 11
Insanity Points: 1


Bureaucracy: Novice
Computers: Novice
Dodge: Novice
Education: Expert
History: Novice
Language (English): Expert
Language (Latin): Student
Law Enforcement: Novice
Literacy: Adept
Marksman: Novice
Medicine: Adept
Observation: Novice
Regional Knowledge: Novice

Assets and Drawbacks

Eidetic Memory (3)
Erupted Para-Psychic (2)
Latent Para-Psychic (4)
Wealth (1)

Chronic Pain (2; migraines)
Duty (1; police work)
Misfit (4; Invasive)
Watched (3; registered para-psychic)

Para-Psychic Powers

Primary: Sensory
Psychometry: Novice
Retrocognition: Student

Secondary: Somatic

Cheats and Experience Points

Psychometry to Novice: 2
Retrocognition to Student: 4

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