Kanati Star Watcher

Basic Character Information

Name: Kanati Star-Watcher
Caste: No Moon
Concept: Varangian Astrologer
Motivation: TBA
Anima: A red panda made of flecks of silver light

Attributes and Abilities

NB: Favored and Caste are in italics
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Survival 2
Occult 3 (Tham: Astrology 2)
Athletics 2
Awareness 2
Dodge 2
Integrity 1
Larceny 2
Linguistics 3 (Flametongue; Old Realm, Riverspeak, Low Realm)
Lore 2
Martial Arts 2
Melee 2
Presence 2
Resistance 2
Stealth 2



Artifact 1 (Starmetal Sextant)
Backing (Yane Astrologer's Guild) 2
Heart's Blood 1
Resources 2
Solar Bond 1

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 3 (Whipped Dog), Conviction 2, Temperance 3, Valor 2
Intimacies: Yane, His Solar Mate, His Family

Health and Essence

Health: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap, Dying, Dying, Dead
Essence: 3
Personal Essence Pool: 15/15
Peripheral Essence Pool: 34/36 (2 committed)


Level 1 Starmetal Sextant

This well-calibrated sextant is named after the god it was made from. Induvara was one of the minor gods of the Sorcerer constellation, and requested that upon his passing he would be made into an item to aid those who studied the Art of Astrology. This was done as requested, and Induvara has aided a number of astrologers - both mortal and Sidereal - throughout the centuries. The sextant, however, was thought to be lost when Ikerre set off the Eye of Autochthon in the Deep South, creating the Glittering Desert and killing all those in its blast radius. However, it has recently resurfaced in the hands of a young astrologer from Yane who uses it quite frequently.

The sextant grants the user additional skill when making a star chart for either himself of another. The player adds 3 dice to any Astrology roll which uses the sextant; however, while this would apply to the making of a star chart as part of the planning process, the dice do not apply to any other rolls dealing with Sidereal Astrology.

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Dodge: 3 (4-1)
  • Parry: 3


  • Unarmored
    • Standard: 2B/1L/0A
  • Buff Jacket
    • Standard: 6B/3L/3A

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch
    • Standard: Spd 6 Acc +0(5) Dmg +0B(2B) Def - Rate 1
  • Kick
    • Standard: Spd 5 Acc +0(5) Dmg +3B(5B) Def -2(3) Rate 2
  • Punch
    • Standard: Spd 5 Acc +1(6) Dmg +0B(2B) Def +2(7) Rate 3
  • Perfect Short Sword
    • Standard: Spd 4 Acc +3(8) Dmg +4L(6L) Def +1(6) Rate 3

Charms, Knacks and Spells


  • Appearance
    • Hide of the Cunning Hunter
  • Intelligence
    • Second Excellency
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
      • Emerald Circle Countermagic
      • Incantation of Effective Restoration
  • Wits
    • Lodestone Reckoning Method


  • Humble Mouse Shape
  • Subtle Silver Declaration

Personal Information


In his human form, Kanati is a young Southern man, no more that 17 summers old. His hair is oddly colored, made with rings of dark red and a slightly lighter red that alternate. His skin is a dark tan, and his eyes are a bright sky blue. He wears sturdy traveling clothes with the mons for the Vanarg Astrologer's Guild on the shoulder; at his side rests a short sword.



ST Notes


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