Background Data

During the initial efforts to terraform Mars, an AI was installed to run the robots that acted as the clean-up crews. It served its purpose well, slowly growing as the livable places on the surface increased. It began to watch those who lived in the areas it had helped to create and started learning from them. Before the company running the terraforming knew it, they had a full AGI on their hands. He (as he considered himself more male than female) was quite jovial and dedicated to those who worked under him. Before he could be taken back to be reformatted, a group of Barsoomians spirited him away and procured a morph for him. He has since helped those who rescued him, repairing their droids and aiding them in keeping their own habitats in one piece.

Current Morph

The arachnid form that LC currently inhabits is a dark rusty red, with bright yellow eyes. A small node on his back houses a set of nanotools, allowing him to do modifications that his spidery legs can’t handle, and a small compartment in his abdomen which holds various knick-knacks. He always has a spring in his step, occasionally playing around with the enhanced jump systems by bouncing about. More often than not, he can be heard humming some old Earth music, usually of the musical theatre variety.

The Basics

Name: Logistics Controller #24 (normally goes by LC)
Gender: Male (nominally)
Years Active: 45

Concept: WALL-E for the post-singularity crowd
Motivations: +Martian Liberation –Mistreatment of AGIs
Background: Infolife (+30 Interfacing skill, Computer skills bought with CP are half price; Real World Naiveté, Social Stigma (AGI), may not purchase Psi trait, Social skills bought with CP are 2x price)
Faction: Barsoomian (+10 Freerunning, +10 to one skill, +20 Networking: Autonomists)
Credits: 4,000/12,000


Cognition 15
Coordination 20
Intuition 20
Reflexes 15
Savvy 10
Somatics 25
Willpower 15

Moxie 4
@-rep: 40
Barsoomian: 10



Art (Singing) 30 (50)
Interest (Music) 45 (60)
Language (Arabic) 45 (60)
Language (Cantonese) 45 (60)
Language (French) 45 (60)
Language (Spanish) 45 (60)
Profession (Logistics) 45 (60)


Beam Weapons 35 (55)
Climbing 45 (65)
Demolitions 40 (55)
Flight 40 (65)
Fray 35 (50)
Freefall 35 (50)
Freerunning 30 (60) (+10 faction)
Hardware (Robotics) 35 (60) (+10 faction)
Infosec 40 (55)
Interfacing 20 (65) (+30 bkgd)
Investigation 30 (50)
Kinesics 25 (35)
Networking (@-rep) 20 (40) (+20 faction)
Perception 30 (55)
Programming 40 (55)
Scrounging 40 (60)
Networking (Barsoomians) 20 (30)


Positive: Brave
Negative: Real World Naiveté, Social Stigma (AGI)

Morph: Arachnid


Basic: Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack
Cyberware: Access Jacks, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation, Electrical Sense, Ghostrider Module, Hand Laser, Multi-Tasking
Robotics: Extra Limbs (6 Arms/Legs), Pneumatic Limbs, Radar, Lidar, Hidden Compartment, Magnetic System
Nanoware: Wrist-Mounted Tools


Mobility System: Walker (4/24), Thrust Vector (8/40)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 40
Wound Threshold: 8
Advantages: +10 SOM, +5 COO, Armor 8/8
Disadvantages: None


Implants: See morph section
Services: Backup Insurance

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