Many Skins

The Basics

Name: Maria Many-Skins
Concept: Shapeshifter
Virtue: Jester
Vice: Charmer
Allegiance: None

Attributes and Abilities

Strength oo
Brawl oo

Dexterity ooo
Athletics oo
Firearms ooo
Legerdemain ooo
Stealth oo

Stamina ooo
Endurance oo
Resistance o

Perception oo
Awareness oo

Intelligence ooo
Linguistics oo (Cheyenne; English, Spanish)

Wits ooo

Appearance ooo
Disguise oooo

Manipulation oooo (Persuasive)
Animal Handling oo
Savvy oo

Charisma oooo (Hilarious)
Etiquette oo
Perform ooo


Allies o
Contacts oo
Gadget oo (Detailed below)
Menagerie o (Maovahe – horse)
Reputation oo (Known through tribes in Plains as a shifter)
Resources o


Inspiration: oooo
Intuitive: 2
Reflective: 1
Destructive: 1

Willpower: ooooooo


Optimized Metabolism
Man of Many Faces


Nonomae – Enhanced S&W .38 Hand Ejector (Light handgun)
Stats: Acc +2 Dmg 5L Rng 50 Rate 2 Clip 6
Advancements: Damage +2, Acc +2

BP and IP


Brawl 2 (2), Legerdemain 3 (2), Disguise 3 (2), Savvy 2 (2), Strength 2 (5), Gadget 2 (1), Reputation 2 (1)


Optimized Metabolism (2), Man of Many Faces (3), Attributes (Stamina x1, Wits x1, Manipulation x1, Charisma x1) (2), Inspiration 4 (3), Willpower 7 (2), Abilities (Firearmsx2, Resistancex1, Disguisex1, Performx1) (1)

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