Master Hestia

The Basics

Name: Hestia
Player: QuicksilverFox85
Association: Lone Wolves (Formerly Rosicrucian)
Concept: Survivor
Character Type: Gifted Master


Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Constitution 4
Intelligence 6
Perception 4
Willpower 5

Life Points 38
Endurance 41
Speed 16
Essence 89 (Essence Channeling: 4)

Qualities and Drawbacks

Attractiveness Quality 5
Charisma Quality 2
Enlightened Human 1
Essence Channeling 4
Increased Essence Pool 7
Old Soul 3
Resistance (Pain) 3

Adversary 3 (Her brother Justin, Beholden to…something not very nice. More detail to com!)
Cruel 1
Delusions - Phobia (Water) 3
Recurring Nightmares 1


Guns (Handgun)4
Intimidation 4
Language (English) 5 Native
Language (Greek) 5
Language (Latin) 5
Language (Prime) 3
Magic Theory 5
Medicine 2
Occult Knowledge 5
Rituals (Rosicrucian) 5
Survival (Arctic) 2
Throwing (Knife) 5


Mindfire Art 3
Shielding 3 (Essence Shield, Physical Shield, Invisible Shield)
Warding 3 (Create Ward)
Elemental Fire 5 (Extinguish Flame, Fire Protection, Flame, Flicker, Striking Flames)
Soulfire 6 (Soulfire Blast)
Mindfire Strength 7


The Past

Passage found scrawled on a wall of Briarwood High School, translated from Latin. Authorities believe that it was carved there during the blaze that swept through the town in 2005.

The Flame knows all sees all burns all I am the Flame it burns through me wiping clean the demonspawn oh gods why did he kill them why did he bow to the demon he will burn he will die

Found in the Editorial Section of the San Fransisco Chronicle, Sunday May 15, 2006

One Year Later: Bay Area Still Reeling From Firestorm's Effects
Authorities Still Unable to Find Cause for Billion-Dollar Blaze

Heather Knight, San Fransisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Some have called it Katrina's red-headed cousin. Others have said it was a sign from God. All can agree, though, that the firestorm that destroyed large swaths of northern California has had a major impact on the state. This week, Californians are taking time to remember those who died in the multiple fires which ravaged the San Fransisco Bay area for nearly three weeks. However, this solemn memorial brings a number of unanswered questions to the minds of many. The most important, of course, being this: what caused the fires?

Rumors have been flying far and wide in the year since the blaze that torched more than half a million acres and left thousands homeless reared its ugly head. Some claim arson on a grand scale, others say a military test went horribly awry. The military has remained tight-lipped (no surprise there), although the Army Core of Engineers has been working with state officials to rebuild. Only one thing has been officially confirmed, however: a number of people recall the sound of a huge explosion somewhere near the town of Briarwood, located twenty miles north of San Mateo. Barring this, though, numerous investigations into the issue have come up fruitless.

What I - and a large number of Californians, I'd wager - want to know is, how in the world can that happen? How does a blaze of that magnitude start, burn for three whole weeks despite the sheer amount of water dropped on it, then stop suddenly, leaving behind no trace of its source? "It's a mystery for the ages," some scientists are already saying. Well, a lot of people want answers. Myself included.

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