Nakhin Azima


The story of the so-called Mother of Rathess begins with a tribe of barbarians called the Isvasa, located in the Southeastern jungles. Originally citizens of a long-lost First Age city that was a less-potent Lunar equivalent of Whitewall, the Isvasa became well known as skilled hunters and trackers throughout the Southeast, dedicating their lives to the Bloody Huntress. The tribe fell under the sway of Ma-Ha-Suchi at some point during the early Second Age, often acting as scouting groups for his forces. They did not tie themselves to the elder too much, however, keeping their autonomy intact.

Into this tribe was born Nakhin Azima, who from an early age showed great prowess. Skilled with a bow, she could move through the shadows like a ghost, leaving her target little warning of its eminent demise. She was devoted to the Silver Lady, honoring her through both hunt and prayer. This devotion, along with her skill and her ability to lead her fellow tribemates, eventually lead to her being chosen by one of Ma-Ha-Suchi’s lieutenants as a scout for his armies. It was seen as an honor by many of the tribe; Nakhin herself, however, was concerned by the Lunar’s hatred for the ways of the civilized man. She agreed to the position regardless, preferring to work under Ma-Ha-Suchi than Raksi.

When Nakhin was in her twenty-fifth summer, she was sent to scout out a section of Rathess that one of Ma-Ha-Suchi’s lieutenants believed held an artifact of sizable power. Taking a number of men with her, she made her way into the city. Almost instantly, the group was attacked by a pack of stalkers; surprised, many of the men fell and Nakhin herself was injured grievously. As she howled in anger at the beasts that slew her men, her eyes were filled with the silver light of her Lady as words filled her mind: You have served me well, warrior. For this, I give you my blessing. Moments later, the stalkers were dead and Nakhin had become one of Luna’s Chosen.

While the artifact was not found, Nakhin returned to her people with great fanfare. She proved herself to be a capable Full Moon in her trails, and she was absorbed into Ma-Ha-Suchi’s faction of the Wardens of Gaia despite her own wishes. She served her patron well, but made a point of being in Rathess far more than the Nameless Lair; memories of her time in the Dragon King city during the First Age were strong and she wished to learn more about the city. Through her exploration she learned about the Goblin King and his twisted relationship with Han-Thu; she desired greatly to remove the Solar from power and return the city to the Dragon Kings once more.

These plans were put on hiatus when the Raksha got their collective heads together and marched upon Creation once more. Nakhin fought bravely alongside her fellow Lunars; she cried few tears, however, when word came that the former Wolf of Red Roses had perished in the fighting (Note for Green: if you want him to still be around, I can take this line out.). Once the Raksha were pushed back, Nakhin returned her focus to Rathess. She gathered a force of fifteen Exalts and hundred of mortals, beastmen and enlightened Dragon Kings and marched upon Rathess. The Goblin King was slain, Han-thu was captured by the Sidereals and taken to Heaven for punishment. Nakhin then took up the great task of corralling the stalkers that wandered the city and enlightening them.

She became familiar with a Southern man by the name of Silaran during this time. A Dawn caste from the Rising Phoenix tribe of the Deep South, he had joined the crusade to retake Rathess due to his own memories of the city. In time, the two realized that they shared many of the same past memories, leading them to believe that they had been mates in the First Age. At first, Nakhin was hesitant to bind herself to a Solar – perhaps some of Ma-Ha-Suchi’s ranting had rubbed off – but as she developed genuine feelings for him those thoughts subsided. The two became inseparable, with Nakhin leaving Rathess to join Silaran in fighting against the First and Forsaken Lion not too long ago.

During this fighting, Silaran was struck a blow by one of the Lion’s deathknights that bound his Essence tightly, causing him much pain and making it nigh impossible to use anything but the weakest of Charms. Nakhin has spent the past year looking for a cure for his condition; she thinks she may be able to find what she seeks in the ruins of Meru, leading her to venture to the Blessed Isle for the first time. Accompanied by Silaran (who she refuses to let leave her side), she hopes to find whatever she needs to return him to his full health.


Nakhin is much shorter than most would expect from her reputation, standing at a mere 5’4”. Her skin is dark tan, while her long brown hair is often braided and strung with silver beads. She wears a number of pendants, most gifts from people in Rathess over the years. Her Tell can be seen when looking at her joints and around her eyes; scales can be seen there no matter what form she is in.

While she has the moonsilver tattoos common to all Casted Lunars, the most striking section can be found on her back. There, a pattern of whorls and tight lines shaped in an arc can be seen stretching across her shoulder blades, with a hearthstone set in the very center. With a thought, Nakhin can grasp the stone and pull the arc from her body, revealing it to be a moonsilver powerbow inlaid with ivory carvings depicting Luna in her Bloody Huntress aspect. One of the first examples of a tattoo artifact that could be removed from the body, Nakhin has used it to great effect over the years.


The Basics

Name: Nakhin Azima
Caste: Full
Concept: Friend of Dragon Kings
Motivation: Find a cure for Silaran’s condition

Abilities and Attributes

Note: Bold are caste, italics are favored
Strength ¾, Dexterity 5/6, Stamina ¾
Charisma 5, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Archery 5
Survival 3

Athletics 2
Awareness 2
Dodge 2
Linguistics 3
Lore 2
Martial Arts 5
Occult 2
Presence 2
Resistance 2
Stealth 4
Survival 3
War 2

Languages: Forresttongue (native); High Holy Speech, Riverspeak, High Realm, Flametongue, Old Realm


Allies 2: Silaran *last name*, a Dawn Caste from the South.
Backing (Wardens of Gaia) 2: Her work rebuilding Rathess
Connections (Rathess) 2
Cult 2: A number of the newly awakened Dragon Kings that Nakhin led to enlightenment thank her in their morning prayers every day.
Command 1: Two young Raptoks born of the same clutch that act as her honor guard
Heart's Blood 1: a smattering of Eastern animals
Resources 1
Solar Bond 3: To Silaran, her Solar Mate
Tattoo Artifact 3: Bow of the Bloody Huntress, a moonsilver long powerbow

Willpower, Virtues and Intimacies

Willpower 7
Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 3
Intimacies: Solar Mate (Admiration), Rathess (Pride)

Essence and Health

Essence 5
19/19 Personal
44/50 Peripheral
6 Committed

0, -1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap, Dying, Dying, Dying, Dead

Merits & Flaws


Linguistic Genius (2M): Organizing the retaking of Rathess required many more tongues than Nakhin required while serving under Ma-Ha-Suchi.


Hard of Hearing (2F): During her youth Nakhin was struck in the left ear by an errant arrow. While the damage healed, her hearing has suffered ever since.



Hide of the Cunning Hunter


First Charisma
Sharing the Gifts of Luna
Blossoming Moonlight Method


First Dexterity
Finding the Needle's Eye
Golden Tiger Stance
Wary Swallow Method

Martial Arts

Shadow Hunter Style (All) May be changing if I can find a better style


First Perception
Blood on the Wind
Inevitable Spoor Discovery
Eagle Eye Advantage


First Stamina
Ox-Body Technique (-1x2)
Bruise-Relief Method
Hide-Toughening Essence


Claws of the Silver Moon


Prey's Skin Disguise
Life of the Hummingbird
Hybrid Body Rearrangement
Changing Plumage Mastery
Internal Form Mastery
Deadly Beastman Technique



  • Dodge DV 6/7
  • Parry DV (MA) 5/6
  • Dodge MDV 5


  • Unarmored: 3B/1L/0A (DBT: 4B/2L/0A)
  • Armor: B/L/7 (Hardness: B/L)

Combat Statistics

  • Join Battle 5
  • Clinch: Spd 6 Acc +0 (10/11) Dmg +0B (3B/4B) Def - Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5 Acc +0 (10/11) Dmg +3B (6B/7B) Def -2 (PDV 4) Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5 Acc +1 (11/12) Dmg +0B (3B/4B) Def +2 (PDV 6) Rate 3
  • Claws of the Silver Moon
    • Base: Spd 5 Acc+3 (13/14) Dmg +3 (6L/7L) Def +0 (PDV 6/7) Rate 3
    • Essence 3: Spd 5 Acc+8 (18/19) Dmg +3 (6L/7L) Def +0 (PDV 6/7) Rate 3
    • Essence 4: Spd 5 Acc+3 (13/14) Dmg +5 (8L/6, 9L/6) Def +0 (PDV 6/7) Rate 3
    • Both: Spd 5 Acc+8 (18/19) Dmg +5 (8L/6, 9L/6) Def +0 (PDV 6/7) Rate 3
  • Moonsilver Powerbow: Spd 6 Acc+2 (12/13) Dmg +3 (6L/7L) Rate 3 Rng 450

Bonus Points and Experience Points

BP (32):

Charisma 5 (6)
Conviction 4 (3)
Survival 3 (1)
Manse 2 (2)
MA 5 (4)
Archery 5 (2)
Presence 2 (2)
Linguistics 3 (4)
Lore 2 (2)
Occult 2 (2)
Stealth 4 (2)
Merits (2)

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