Patricia Myers

The Five Questions

What's been keeping you awake?

Patricia (Trish to her friends) has been working as an EMT for about six years now, but over the past year or so there’s been a lot of crap building up. Money’s getting tight, her boyfriend’s cheating on her (he doesn’t know she knows), and her mother keeps riding her on the stupidest little things (including that whole 'why aren't you married yet?' thing).

What just happened to you?

Trish was responding to a call in one of the bad parts of town; someone had been beat up pretty bad. As she and her partner Julian were putting the guy on the stretcher, he grabbed her arm and whispered “Don’t let me fall asleep!” She stayed back with him as Julian drove the bus back to the hospital. On the way, the guy nodded off for just a minute…before waking up screaming his lungs out as he was torn apart from the inside out. Trish saw something wriggling around inside of him; she grabbed the shock paddles and zapped the crap out of the thing. By the time the bus stopped at the hospital, Trish was covered in blood and unable to say a word. She stayed at the hospital to answer some questions from both her bosses and the police then was sent home.

What's on the surface?

Trisha is a somewhat pretty woman in her early 30’s, with dirty blond hair usually done in a braid and dark brown eyes. She usually wears contacts but will put on glasses in a pinch. At first glance, Trish is a bit shy, but bring up cars in a conversation and she’ll brighten up right away.

What lies beneath?

Trish is, in a word, tired. The life of an EMT is never a calm one, and her nerves had been shot to hell even before she was Awake. Thus, she’s rather abrasive at times and is prone to snapping at people when they’re doing something stupid.

What's your path?

In the short term, Trish wants to give her cheating boyfriend what for. Beyond that, though, she mainly wants to get her life back together so she can go back to school and finish her master’s degree.

Fight or Flight?

Trish was the youngest of four and the only girl besides, so she is prone to taking a swing at things before pulling back and finding a safe spot to camp out.

Fight 2
Flight 1

Weird Talents

Exhaustion Talent: Encyclopedia Automatica

Patricia can get behind the wheel of just about anything - motorcycle, car, truck, tank… - and drive it with no issue. No flying vehicles, though; needs to have wheels on the ground.

Madness Talent: Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

F is for Fixing
All Shiny and New
With Metal and Stone
And a Small Bit of Glue

With a few minutes' work and the proper materials, Patricia can fix just about anything.

1-2: Simple physical fixes, from the broken TV to an ally's bleeding body (hey, clockwork limbs are cool, right?)
3-4: Emotional problems fall under the sway of this Talent at this level. Patching up relationships, that sort of thing.
5-6: World hunger, the Israeli/Palestine peace accord, the global economy…there are no limits.

How Does It Break Me?

How Do I Change?

What Am I Becoming?

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