Peter Hanover

Background Data

Peter was a relatively shy child, preferring the company of his muse than most of the flesh and blood folks around him. He grew up on Extropia, where he studied under the various morph designers that called the habitat home. He became a well-known designer of synthmorphs, more comfortable with metal than flesh. He ventured into the inner system for a time not too long before the Fall and was disturbed by the second-class status that those who were ‘stuck’ with synthetic morphs had to deal with. After an incident on Luna where he fought off a group of security forces who were dragging off an injured synth, Peter's mind was fiddled with, causing him to lose a number of memories that he is quite sure were rather important; he swore off venturing closer to Sol than the asteroid belt unless there was a dire need otherwise. When the Fall occurred and the infugees flooded the inner system, Peter offered his biomorph to someone who needed it more than he did and lived as an infomorph for a time as he had a new synth build for himself. Now, he flaunts his metallic perfection, fighting for the rights of those who are ‘lesser’ due to having bodies of steel and cable rather than flesh and blood.

Current Morph

Peter’s current morph is one of his own design, showing the proper aesthetics that synthmorphs can have if constructed by someone who gives a damn. He stands at just under six feet tall, his steel-blue frame kept neatly polished. He is rather handsome for a synth, with silvery-grey eyes and hair made from thin silvery wires. His features are vaguely Mediterranean and his build is similar to that of a runner, more wiry than bulky. He is rarely seen without a many-pocketed jacket, holding various widgets he’s been designing as well as larger pocket for his pet rat Norbert.

The Basics

Name: Peter Hanover
Gender: Male (nominally)
Age: Early 40’s

Concept: Machinist who wants to raise the status of his fellow synthmorphs
Motivations: +Synthmorph Equality –Discrimination +Artistic Expression (Morph Design)
Background: Original Space Colonist (+10 Freefall, +10 to Academic: Engineering, +20 to Networking: @-rep)
Faction: Mercurial (+10 to Hardware: Robotics and Infosec, +20 to Networking: r-rep)
Credits: 2,000/12,000


Cognition 20
Coordination 15
Intuition 20
Reflexes 15
Savvy 15
Somatics 25
Willpower 15

Moxie 3
@-rep: 40
r-rep: 40



Academics (Engineering) 30 (60)
Art (Sculpture) 45 (60)
Interest (Music) 25 (45)
Language (Arabic) 45 (70)
Language (Cantonese) 45 (70)
Language (French) 45 (70)
Profession (Appraisal) 45 (65)


Climbing 25 (50)
Deception 30 (45)
Fray 35 (50)
Freefall 25 (50)
Hardware (Robotics) 30 (60)
Infosec 10 (40)
Interfacing 30 (50)
Investigation 35 (55)
Navigation 35 (55)
Networking (@-List) 20 (55)
Networking (r-rep) 20 (55)
Perception 45 (60)
Persuasion 35 (50)
Pilot (Groundcraft) 35 (50)
Programming 40 (60)
Scrounging 35 (55)
Unarmed 35 (60)


Positive: Adaptability 1, Right At Home (Synth)
Negative: Edited Memories, Social Stigma (Clanking Masses), Uncanny Valley

Morph: Android


Basic: Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack
Cyberware: Access Jacks, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation, Electric Sense, Multi-Tasking, Cyber Claws
Nanoware: Wrist-Mounted Tools
Robotics: Nanoscopic Vision, Fractal Digits


Mobility System: Walker (4/20)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 40
Wound Threshold: 8
Advantages: +5 SOM, +5 INT, Armor 6/6
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Clanking Masses) trait, Uncanny Valley trait


Name: Miranda
Aptitudes: INT 20, all others 10
Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, Art (Sculpture) 40, Language (French) 40, Profession (Appraisal) 40


Implants: See morph section
Pets: Smart Rat (Norbert)
Tools: Mobile Lab, Smart Clothes
Services: Backup Insurance

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