Rose Thompson

Background Data

Rose Thompson grew up among the best of the best, the daughter of a famous surgeon who worked for Cognite, the premier hypercorp for mental technologies. Her life was simple, allowing her time to dedicate herself to her studies. She showed great mental acumen as well as an ability to work a payroll (or reputation calculation, for that matter) dance to her own rhythm. She, along with everyone else on Luna, watched in horror as the events on Earth cumulated into the Fall. And, like others, she discovered a secret that revealed itself as the refugees fled to Luna and Mars.

One refugee in particular was an infomorph who went by Rikta. She had grown up in one of Cognite’s facilities in Mumbai working as one of their code monkeys. She was also an impressive hacker who used her knowledge of Cognite’s systems to funnel information to her group. Said group, which later became part of the hacker conglomerate known as ID Crew, was able to get her ego off of Earth before things went really sour. When she reached Nectar’s mesh, she noticed Rose almost instantly, and the two began talking. With a bit of time and some surreptitious digging into Dr. Thompson’s personal files, the pair found out that Rikta was actually an Alpha fork of Rose. She had been created by the doctor not long after Rose’s birth and sent down to Earth as an experiment to observe the changes that can occur between the original personality and an alpha fork.

The pair, as one could imagine, weren’t too happy when they found this out. They decided that, while they could recompile, it had been too long, and each had their own lives. Rose requested a new morph with a set of modifications which would allow for Rikta to stay with her, as well as some extra tricks to help Rikta with her work. While Rose rose in the ranks of Cognite’s employees, Rikta continued to send information to ID Crew and work as a taxi to infomorphs who needed a short-term morph while in habitat.

Not too long ago, Rikta gave a fellow a ride that was doing a bit of digging in Nectar for a Firewall project. After the firefight that ensued from said digging, the girls got the sentinel talking. The sentinel left for his home habitat, and Rose was approached by a proxy. She has been with Firewall for a very brief time, but already has made a small name for herself as Nemi.

Custom Morph: Menton Frame 37ex

Rose normally appears as a lithe woman in her late twenties with pale white skin, dark green eyes and luxurious blonde hair that she wears down to the small of her back. Her smartclothes are programmed to match the latest fashions from Luna, fitting her perfectly. She smiles often and her laughter is somewhat infectious.

Thanks to the Skinflex modification to her morph, however, Rose can take on any number of appearances. When Rikta is in the driver’s seat, the morph changes to something akin to her splicer morph down on Earth: dark brown skin, straight black hair that is done up in a pile of tiny braids, and dark red eyes with a pattern similar to an old-school motherboard. When doing work as Nemi, her form evens out, making for a relatively bland appearance that aids with blending into growds.

The Basics

Name: Rose Thompson
Aliases: Rikta (Informorph Taxi for hire); Nemi (Firewall sentinel)
Concept: Hypercorp employee who wears many hats
Background: Hyperelite (+10 Protocol skill, +10,000 Credit, +20 Networking: Hypercorps)
Faction: Hypercorp (+10 Protocol, +20 Networking: Hypercorps, +10 to any Networking: [Field])
Credits: 10,245/25,000


Cognition 27
Coordination 15
Intuition 22
Reflexes 18
Savvy 22
Somatics 12
Willpower 21

Initiative 80
Lucidity 42
Trauma Threshold 8
Insanity Rating 84
Moxie 4

Rose – Hypercorp 50
Nemi – Firewall 10



Academics (Economics) – 33 (60)
Academics (PoliSci) – 33 (60)
Interest (Music) – 12 (39)
Language (Cantonese) – 48 (70)
Language (English) 85 (Native)
Language (Japanese) – 48 (70)
Language (Russian) – 48 (70)
Language (Italian) – 48 (70)
Profession (Accounting) – 33 (60)


Deception – 43 (65)
Disguise – 28 (50)
Fray – 22 (40)
Infiltration – 40 (55)
Infosec – 23 (50)
Interfacing – 23 (50)
Investigation – 38 (60)
Kinesics – 38 (60)
Kinetic Weapons – 33 (45)
Networking (Firewall) – 28 (50)
Networking (Hypercorps) – 48 (70)
Perception – 58 (70)
Persuasion – 53 (75)
Protocol – 23 (65)


Positive: Adaptability Level 2



Basic: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack
Bioware: Bioweave Amor (Low), Circadian Regulation, Eidetic Memory, Hyper-Linguist Math Boost, Multiple Personalities (Rikta)
Cyberware: Access Jacks, Ghostrider Module
Nanoware: Oracles, Skinflex


Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Death Rating: 53
Advantages: +10 COG, +5 INT, +5 WIL, +5 SAV


Name: Kiera
Aptitudes: INT 20, all others 10
Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, Language (Hindi) 40, Academics (Mathematics) 40, Language (Mandarin) 40

Much like her unknown sister, Rose's muse is also an alpha fork of a family member. Due to her job as a manager for the Cognite offices on Earth, Rose's mother was not able to see her daughter often; thus, she arranged to have a version of herself be made into her daughter's muse. Kiera Thompson is on the list of millions that have not been found since the Fall, so Rose cherishes having some part of her mother with her. Rikta also enjoys talking with the muse, finally getting to meet a facet of the mother that she never had.


Implants: See morph section
Tools: Covert Operations Tool
Clothing: Micrograv Shoes, Smart Vac Clothing
Services: Anonymous Accounts
Weapons: Flex Cutter; Light Pistol w/ Smartlink
Vehicles: Cycle

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