Those approaching the home of the Obsidian Household would probably be surprised, as it looks more like the savanna of the nation of Harborhead that what you would expect to find in the Wyld. Miles of grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see, rippling in soft winds. As travelers move toward the center of the freehold, they pass creatures with forms both familiar and amazing; these creatures, ranging from cheetahs with grins that would give a siaka pause to worm-like creatures that stretch for miles, are often the first hint that the traveler has ventured into a place not of Creation. These creatures roam the grasses freely, although they will not attack newcomers unless provoked.

At the center of the freehold, where the Arcane Redoubt has been placed, is a structre made of something similar to Chiaroscuran glass, shaped like a natural rock formation. Inside of the glass are skeletons of fantastical creatures, which are often seen wandering around. Behind this structure is a small square building made completely out of obsidian; this is Jairika's workshop, where she shapes both her servants and her creations to her whim. About a waypoint away is a small collection of straw huts and stone buildings; here is where the mortals whom Jairika has obtained either through trade or by taking in lost souls stay. Mortal servants whose modifications have not yet been completed also remain there until they have been finished, acting as a reminder of what may occur if one stays in line, for you see, those who are modified are the lucky ones.

The main structure of the freehold is much larger on the inside that one would assume. The walls and ceilings are made of the same glass as the outside, with smaller skeletons living within the walls. The number and order of rooms changes, but a few staples always remain: a main hall, which is used when court is held and for most meals, a number of chambers for the members of the court and the completed servants, Jairika's own quarters, a small garden filled with plants both native to Creation and those created by the Wyld, a small library of texts dating back to the First Age, and a small workshop inside which is the home of one Master Malkin, an Artisan who makes a habit of visiting the freehold when he can.

Dramatis Personae

  • Nobles
    • Jairika - Artisan; Ruler of Samudaya and Matriarch of the Obsidian Household.
    • Agnida - Cataphract; A martial artist among Raksha who has mastered more styles than some Sidereals.
    • Crystal Shard - Anarch; Oldest creation of Jairika who has remained at her mistress' side, starting as a mere Warrior and lifting herself up to noble status. Jairika holds her Heart Grace.
    • Master Malkin - Artisan; Lives as a toymaker in the Shaped City, known to most Creation-born as Nexus.
    • Ti'ana - Xia; Self-proclaimed best swordswoman in the Middlemarches. Owns a sword made of the dreams of novice gladiators.
  • Commoners
    • Acarymaru - Diplomat; A recent arrival from the Lapis Court; Jairika praises him highly due to his knowledge of the Way.
    • Amurti - Entertainer; Jairika's current favorite among her commoners.
    • Ativikata - Warrior; In charge of keeping the mortals of the freehold where they should be.
    • Kaladhauta - Worker; A matron of sorts for the mortal servants of the freehold.
    • Patakara - Worker; A weaver of excellent skill, her textiles are traded to the Guild and fetch quite a good price.


Level of Freehold: 3
Maintenance: 3 (The various and sundry behemoths on the reserve must be fed weekly on a mixture of sand and crystallized gossamer)
Total Points: 9 (6+3)

Attunement Recognition
Cosmetic Displays
Wyld Revocation
Outside of Fate

Armored (3; Although made of 'glass', it is much more solid than one would expect)
Archive (2; Topics in the library which give boni are Clockwork (Craft: Fire), First Age History (Lore), and Animal Creation (Craft: Genesis))
Comfort Zone (1; the inside is quite cool, despite the Southern heat)
Workshop Manse (3; Jairika's workshop is perfectly suited to the creation of behemoths and the applications of mutations upon subjects)

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