The Basics

Name: Selene
Seeming: Beast
Blessing: Gain 8-again rule for Animal Ken rolls, and a free specialty for the Beast's chosen animal. Also, spend Glamour to add to Presence and Composure dice pools.
Curse: -4 against Mental skills the character has no dots in.
Kith: Hunterheart
Blessing: Tooth and Claw - Unarmed attacks can do either bashing or lethal damage
Court: Spring

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride


Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 3
Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Presence 3 Manipulation 3 Composure 3


Investigation 2
Medicine 2

Athletics 3 (Climbing)
Brawl 2 (Bar Fights)
Firearms 2
Stealth 3 (Moving in Darkness)
Weaponry 2

Animal Ken 1 (Cats)
Empathy 2
Intimidation (Stare-Downs) 2
Streetwise 2

Merits, Pledges and Contracts

Fast Reflexes 1
Hollow 2 (Size 1, Amenities 1) (Shared)
Language (Spanish)
Mantle (Spring) 3
Perfect Stillness 1
Resources 2
Striking Looks 4

Dream 1
Fang and Talon (Cats) 3
Fleeting Spring 2


Wyrd: 3
Glamour: 12

Willpower: 6
Health: 7
Clarity: 7
Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative: 6
Speed: 10
Armor: 0


As much as she hates to admit it, Selene doesn't remember too much about her life before she became one of the Lost. Her early childhood was filled with a stream of foster homes and orphanages that blurred together, punctuated by visits from a far-too-young woman that would always say that she'd be able to come and take her home soon. Eventually, though, the woman's visits stopped; Selene found out when she was twelve that the woman was her mother, who had died of a drug overdose.

When she was fifteen, however, she was finally chosen for a long-term family. The man and woman who had adopted her had smiles that were just a little too bright - and had this odd habit of calling her their little kitten - but she was more than happy to get out of the latest place the DCF had stuck her. The pair took her to their home in Ballard, a small town that had been absorbed by Seattle over the years. Things were normal enough at first, but one night Selene was forcefully dragged from her bed by her foster parents knocked unconscious, and tossed into a thorny cage.

For a number of years (she's still not sure how long exactly), Selene was one of the star residents in a circus/petting zoo run by her foster parents, who were in fact a pair of Gentry who used the children that fell through the cracks of the adoption system to fill their cages. Although she attempted to escape a number of times, she was never able to make it far; her fluid life before being taken resulted in her not having a solid enough lock on the real world to make it back.

Over time, she came to befriend one of the Fairest who acted as both dancer and lion tamer in the circus. A young Japanese-American man named Tamaki Fujioka, he was able to help Selene shed enough of her bestial nature to remember the one thing that was always constant in her life: her mother's yearly visits. In a daring raid, Tamaki freed Selene and two of the other Beasts in the menagerie (a deer beast by the name of Bambi and a spider beast by the name of Willow) and the four made their way through the Hedge.

Selene emerged through a Hedge gate in the graveyard, nearly tripping over her mother's small headstone. She laid there for some time, relishing the feeling of the rain falling from the dark Seattle sky. In time, she felt a nudge on her shoulder; looking up, she saw Tamaki and the others looking down at her. They helped her up, then made their way to the Freehold of Emerald Rain.

Since their return, Selene and her motley (known as the Sexy Beasts) have made a mint running Down Under, a high-scale club in downtown Seattle that caters to the glamourous (and Glamourous) crowd of the West Coast. Selene, being the most martial of the motley, made herself head bouncer of the club; few get past her when she works the door unless she wants them inside.


Selene appears to the unensorcelled as a well-built African-American woman in her early 20's, with short black hair, dark brown eyes and a sultry smirk often on her face. When working the door or walking the club, she wears a pair of black leather pants, a black blouse that shows just enough to keep the boys distracted while she whoops their asses and a solid pair of stylish (but practical) boots. When off duty, she usually wears jeans and low-cut tank tops, keeping her feet bare if she can help it.1

To the Lost clientele of Down Under, Selene's feline nature truly comes to the fore. Covered in tawny yellow fur, the lioness is stunning even as she tosses the pukes who cause trouble within the club out on their ass. She uses her connection to Desire to drain Glamour from both the men and women who admire her wares as well as those who hope beyond hope that they'll be on the guest list that evening. All in all, it's a great gig, and Selene finally has the two things she wanted all her life: a home, and a family

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