Silurian School

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Silur's Sacrifice

Cost: —; Mins: Lore 3, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Silurian Enlightenment, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

Creation has its own language, by which it defines the world's existence. The sorcerer has learned some of those mystical words, and though they are inaudible, she can slip them into the syllables of something's name, re-expressing its reality. By intoning the name of a target — which need not be a person, but can be anything named, such as Artifacts named upon completion — she receives a single success to an action taken with or against that target. A sorcerer may name a specific target no more times per scene than her Occult score.

Silur's followers understand that the Essence comprising their bodies and selves is a question they ask the world; if properly phrased, they receive exactly the reply they hoped for. Giving Creation Willpower or Aggravated Health Levels, the sorcerer will be answered with living Essence: each Willpower spent gives her 5 motes, each Aggravated Health Level, 10. The character can exchange no more Health Levels per scene than her Stamina.

If the sorcerer uses the Silurian Enlightenment to examine an arcane link to an object associated with a spell (which she need not know), she can learn from it a rune representing its name. Inscribing that glyph upon a porcelain tile, she swallows it; within moments, the rune appears as a tattoo on her body, the tile setting itself beneath the scribed skin. Spells so internalized, or spells patterned from them by means of Silurian Enlightenment, constitute the sorcerer's specialty spells. A character may have a maximum of internalized spells equal to her Occult; she may remove one by cutting off the tattoo and removing the embedded tile with tongs, in which case she regains any Experience she spent to learn that spell, but loses the spell and can never learn it again.

Sorcerers following in Silur's footsteps are so preoccupied by communicating with Creation that they sometimes forget what others can understand. In extreme cases, observers will think the sorcerer is falling prey to mystical Glossolalia; most of the time, they just can't figure out what she's talking about. Whenever the player roleplays her character's inability to make herself understood, and the results negatively affect the character, she gains a Willpower point. The Glossolalia effect is an Abstraction; the player may, if she wishes, trade it for a different Abstraction when her character learns this Charm.

Silur's Absorption

Cost: —; Mins: Occult 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Silur's Sacrifice, 5+ spells

From the knowledge that the sorcerer's self can be traded to the world for Essence follows the knowledge that anything in whose substance she believes can be traded. Immediately prior to casting a spell, the character may sacrifice an object or person to which she possesses an Intimacy — of love, trust, respect or some other positive emotion — in order to cast the spell for 0 Willpower and 0 Essence. Sacrificed people must have an Essence score at least equal to the spell's Circle (1, 2 or 3); sacrificed objects, a Resources cost at least equal to the spell's Circle + 3 (Solar Circle spells cannot benefit from objects).

Knowing the name Creation calls her, the sorcerer may cast it aside and find a new one in sorcery. As long as her face is concealed, she may become one with the spells she has internalized (see Silur's Sacrifice). Her tattooed runes begin to glow so brightly that they will shine through any clothing covering them; until the end of the scene (or her face is revealed), the sorcerer's Essence score is considered one dot higher for the purposes of casting her specialty spells, and observers must spend a Willpower point if they wish to call her by her real name.

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