Personae Vulpis


Elizabeth DeBris
Samantha Cohen - Built using a fusing of 2e Exalted and Aberrant, found here


Amelia Hoffman


Julia Hanover - Parapsychic crime scene investigator

Don't Rest Your Head

Patricia Myers - EMT

Dresden Files

Ashley Milliner - Chef and White Court Virgin

Eclipse Phase

LC24 - AGI with a thing for musicals
Mareska - Scumborn technician
Peter Hanover - Machinist who flaunts his love for the metallic
Daniel Richards - Doctor with more than a few scars
Rose Thompson - Hypercorp employee who wears more faces than most


First Age

Alayne Silverwind - First Age incarnation of Sanura Ninetails, my 'signature' Lunar.
Built as a starting Lunar as per Dreams of the First Age.
Caraka Amunya - First Age incarnation of my custom Deathlord. Built as a Legendary Sidereal as per Dreams of the First Age.
Darkened Ivory - The First Age incarnation of Kalen Tiral, my 'signature' Solar. Built as an Influential Solar as per Dreams of the First Age.

Second Age


Bearer of Myrrh-Touched Blessings - Created using modified Abyssals, found here
Dancer on The Edge of Oblivion - Great Forks Dancer turned spy for the Mask of Winters; AKA what could have happened to Sanura if she'd died before her Exaltation. 300 XP.
Diviner of the Final Thread - A beastman who looked at the wrong thing at the very wrong time. Moonshadow.
Herald of Oblivions Touch - A canon-friendly version of Javina
Javina - Also known as the Herald of Oblivion's Touch; my Teahaus future!plot character, made with 300 XP
Maukali - An official 2e version of Bearer of Myrrh-Touched Blessings
Tragic Thespian on a Stage of Ash and Shadow - Actress from Wavecrest who serves the Silver Prince. Also known as my "I made her before I knew about Mirror Flag, honest!" Moonshadow.


Avahan - Modern Dragon-Blooded Trained by Heaven
Jivala - Desert guide water aspect.
Khaga Candrin - Saddest Wood Aspect Evar.

Fair Folk

Haskara - Made on a lark, using the character generation for Celestial Guns
Kiba - A newly-ennobled Raksha who is on a mission to reclaim his former homeland. Eshu.


Kamira - Dune Person sorceress who's looking for a very specific book. Defiler.
Lunod Bathala - Former priest of the Ocean Father with a verybig grudge.
Reku Avakaza - Twilight Akuma under the Endless Desert, Walker of the Empty Space
Rujor - A Slayer who is very polite when he kills you.


Kanati Star-Watcher - No Moon Varangian Astrologer, red panda totem.
Lien Dragons Eye - Waning Moon who's become very comfortable with the Realm Legions over the centuries.
Petra Dorani - Full Moon under new (or is it old?) management.
Nakhin Azima - The so-called Mother of Rathess, for 1001 Nights


Alina Windrider - Testsids 2: YuShan Boogaloo :D
Yamika Arali the Elder - Of the Realm Yamikas; also available in 400 XP and 900 XP versions


Akaya Nirakara - Created for Pulse of Creation
Bronze Owl - A very small Zenith on a very big mission
Crimson Wind - First Pulse using Zenith. Booyah.
Karu Caitya - Scion of a minor Lookshayan gens who went a little native (and a lot more shiny) while looking for a manse of her own. Twilight.
Marel Senet - Gateway prodigy who's still adjusting to his status as a Solar. Dawn Caste.
Yamika Arali - Of the Chiaroscuran Yamikas


Bright Jasper - Son of a notable Scavenger Lord. Mortal.
Nigoki - Warstrider built using the Armored Warstrider Project

Legend of the Five Rings 3rd Edition

Mitsukuni Ohtori

Mutants and Masterminds

Jasmine Fenton
Jared Borden
Melody Alvarez


New World of Darkness

Amrita - Mage
Andrea Dufrense - Mortal
Andi Dufrense - Mage version of Andrea
Anthony de la Croix - Geist
Arthur Kinsey - Changeling
Aurelia - Changeling
Bethany 'Shadow' Fields - Mage
Catherine Tolliver - Geist
Dean 'Caliban' Corso - Mage
Flynn - Changeling
Hannah Williams - Mortal
Hannah Williams v2 - Orpheus version of Hannah
Hestia Karamanlis - Changeling. Also available in Mortal, since I like reusing character concepts. :P
Isabela 'Keeper' Salinas - Mage
Jessica 'Chase' Meridian - Mage
Karen Cromwell - Vampire
Karen Langley - Mortal+
Katherine 'Lucie' O'Malley - Mage
Kanta Nadkami - Mortal+
Kenneth 'Red' Jackson - Mage
Kieran 'Bennu' Wetherford - Mage
Lauren Thompson - Mortal+
Maria 'Whisper' Jiminez - Werewolf
Marian Powers - Werewolf
Melissa 'Caliban' Dumont - A more experienced version of Dean. Also, female. And French.
Morgan Woodruff - Werewolf
Nadia Ballard - Mortal
Rebecca Chambers - Ghoul
Stephan 'Elric' Armstrong - Mage
Victoria Langley - Vampire

Changeling Project - aka You Don't Have To Be A Fairest To Be Pretty
Evoker - Artifact, created by a friend of mine. Didn't have anywhere else to post it. ^^'
Icarans - A Silver Legacy that hails from the infamous son of Daedelus.
Sea of the Soul - A unique Tarot deck that may have been created in Atlantis itself




Amelie Dufresne
Ammy Nakamura - Now available in Demigod and God flavors!

Shadowrun 4th Edition

Amelia Constance Tattersall-Langley

Spirit of the Century

Elizabeth Dixon


Master Hestia - Gifted Master version of Hestia

Unhallowed Metropolis

Marius - A gentleman thief who knows his ways around the back alleys of London.

Wild Talents

Lindsey Karst
Gabriella Monroe

Wraith the Obvivion Revised

Jordan Granger


Kasina - A new arrival among the Young Races. Zhalanti.

My Games and NPCs

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