Summer River

Basic Character Information

Name: Summer River
Caste: Water
Concept: Guild Jeweler
Motivation: Turn the Guild into an honest Enterprise

Attributes and Abilities


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 2


Presence 3 (F) (Persuasion +2)
Integrity 3 (F)
Crafts (Air) 3 (F)

Bureaucracy 4 (C) (Commerce +2)
Martial Arts 4 (C)(God Kicking Boots +2)
Sail 2 (C)

Socialize 3
Linguistics 2 (Riverspeak, Guild-Cant, High Realm)
Awareness 2
Dodge 2
Ride 1
Survival 1



Breeding 3 (Byblow of a Threshold tumble)
Backing 2 (Guild)
Mentor 3 (Guild Merchant who recruited her)
Resources 3
Artifact 1 (Jade God-kicking boots)
Contacts 2 (Fellow Guildsmen)
Artifact 1 (Jade Hearthstone Amulet)
Manse 1 (Jewel of the Clever Merchant)

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperence 3, Valor 2
Intimacies: Her Mother, the Guild

Health and Essence

Health: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, X
Essence: 3
Personal Essence Pool: 12
Peripheral Essence Pool: 22 (7 committed)
Experience: 50

Merits and Flaws

Secret (1, murdered someone during Exaltation)
Unbidden Oracle (1)


Defense Statistics

  • Dodge: 5
  • Parry: GKB - 3
  • Mental Dodge: 6
  • Mental Parry: 4


  • Unarmored
    • Standard: 3B/1L/0A
  • Exceptional Breastplate (Fatigue 0, Mobility 0)
    • Standard: 5L/5B/4A

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch
    • Standard: Speed 6, Acc 7, Def -1, Dmg 2B, Rate 1
  • Kick (God-Kicking Boots)
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc 8, Def -1, Dmg 10B, Rate 2
  • Punch
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc 8, Def 0, Dmg 2B, Rate 3


  • Bureaucracy: Finding the Water’s Depths, Second Bureaucracy Excellency
  • Presence: Auspicious First Meeting Attitude
  • Martial Arts: Blade-Deflecting Palm, Second Martial Arts Excellency
  • Dodge: Second Dodge Excellency
  • Socialize: First Socialize Excellency

Personal Information


Summer River’s breeding is rather apparent the moment one lays eyes upon her pretty face, with pearl white skin with a hint of scales under certain lighting, dark blue-green eyes, tightly braided hair of rich cerulean, and most telling, the scent of a river that drifts around her like perfume. Her garb is almost always simple, a long dark-green dress and a black coat with the top four buttons. The hems of the coat and dress fall to about midshin, revealing the heavy jade boots on her feet. Around her neck on a black ribbon is another jade treasure, a geometric pendant with a silvery white stone set into it.


Summer River is the result of a tryst in the Hundred Kingdoms in between her mother and a Realm noble, though her mother never spoke about Summer’s father beyond mentioning that the two look somewhat the same. Flaxen Dawn and the rest of the village learned of Summer’s Exaltation soon after the teenager had spurned the elder’s grandson, and had been attacked by him. She drug him under, protected by her anima, and drowned him. The mother and daughter left the village that night.
Soon after, a member of the Guild met the mother and daughter, and offered Summer an apprenticeship, also providing for her mother. The debt was paid surprisingly fast, the young woman using her natural gift for bureaucracy and her love of crafting jewelry to repay her mentor for her kindness. Once the trio reached Nexus, Summer River settled down a bit. Since then, she has made a name for herself as a jeweler and a merchant. Granted, recently, she has found other Dragonblooded rather interested in her, but she is focused on her work (even if her mother is insisting on some grandchildren, which doesn’t sound too bad).


  • Flaxen Dawn, Summer River's mother, is a tailor and makes a small living on it. She sews all of her daughter's clothing.
  • The murder and Summer's Exaltation happened over ten years ago, in a village far away.
  • She has a manse! It's just a small little house on the river, but it's Summer's and she is a little protective of it. And yes, she lives in it. It doesn't look very fancy, but it works. She 'won' it after its' last owner died, and Summer used her bureaucracy skills to possess it.

Name: House of the Peaceful Spring
Water Manse, level 1 (Jewel of the Clever Merchant)
Location: By the river in Nexus, in a better part of town
Powers: Well-Flavored Aspect, Magicial Convenience (1, Fresh hot and cold running water).

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