The Herald Of Oblivions Grasp

Basic Character Information

Name: The Herald of Oblivion's Grasp
Caste: Day
Concept: Labyrinth Dweller
Motivation: Complete her Master's test of the First
Anima: Skeletal nine-tailed fox with glowing red eyes

Attributes and Abilities


Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 4


Athletics 5
Awareness 4
Dodge 5
Stealth 5
Archery 5
Integrity 5
Martial Arts 5
Resistance 2
Survival 5 (Labyrinth +2)
Craft (Water) 4 (Baking +1)
Linguistics 2 (Riverspeak; Old Realm, Skytongue, The Black Tongue)
Lore 2
Medicine 3 (Human Anatomy +1)
Occult 3



Abyssal Command 2: A group of spectres act as the Herald's bodyguards, each wearing a symbol of He Who Holds in Thrall.
Artifact 2: Dead Spider's Webs
Artifact 2: Soulsteel Skin Mount Amulet
Artifact 4: Oblivion's Bulwark
Liege 1: The Herald is technically under the wings of the Princess. Understandably, The First is fucking livid.
Manse 3: Produces Splinter of the Somber Domain
Whispers 5: They never stop…always there, always talking…

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 2
Intimacies: He Who Holds in Thrall

Health and Essence

Health: -0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, Incap, Dying, Dying, Dead
Essence: 5
Personal Essence Pool: 21/21
Peripheral Essence Pool: 54/60(6 committed) (6 from SMA)
Experience: 0/300


Dead Spider's Webs
Level Two Soulsteel Claws; 6m

If asked, The Herald states that the pair of soulsteel blades that were inserted into her arms were a gift from her Master. She then often uses them on the asker, allowing the thin soulsteel chains attached to the blades to give her additional reach. The soulsteel itself was created from nephwracks, and small red flecks dance along the soulsteel as the blades are used, eliciting horrifying cackling from the shades within. The claws have the stats of the ranged attack of the Gauntlet of Distant Claws, with a range of 15 yards.

Oblivion's Bulwark
Level Four Soulsteel Tattoos

Yet another gift from her Master, these soulsteel tatoos are a mockery of those seen on the Lunar Exalted; the tattoos follow patterns that cause the eyes to ache, and faces occasionally appear in the dull gray metal. These tattoos offer the Herald the benefits of the Moonshadow anima against creatures of death.

Soulsteel Skin Mount Amulet
Level Two Hearthstone Amulet

The amulet is easily seen on the back of her neck, acting as an anchor for the soulsteel that makes up Oblivion's Bulwalk. It currently houses a Splinter of the Somber Domain.

Merits and Flaws

Disturbing (2F): Living in the Labyrinth for two years does that to you.
Known Anathema (2F): On the way to The Thousand, The Herald made a bit of a show in Chiaroscuro involving a number of hungry ghosts. A number of Immaculates were present, and have been keeping an eye out for her since.
Sterile (1F): No true servant of the Neverborn shall bear a child.
Sun-Seared (2F): The Light of the First Usurper is harsh to the Herald, and she shuns his touch whenever possible.
Unusual Appearance (2F): No explanation needed, really.


Defense Statistics

  • Dodge: 7
  • Parry: 6


  • Unarmored
    • Standard: 3B/1L/0A

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch
    • Standard: Spd 6, Acc +0(9), Dmg +0B(3B), Def -, Rate 1
  • Kick
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc +0(9), Dmg +3B(6B), Def -2(8), Rate 2
  • Punch
    • Standard: Spd 5, Acc +1(10), Dmg +0B(3B), Def +2(11), Rate 3
  • Dead Spider's Webs
    • Archery: Spd 5, Acc +2 (11), Dmg 8L, Def +1 (10), Rng 15, Rate 2


  • Archery
    • Second Archery
    • Pulse of the Prey
    • Piercing Ghost Barb
    • Withering Feathered Maelstorm
    • Elegant Executioner Stance
  • Athletics
    • Spider Pounce Tech
  • Dodge
    • Flitting Shadow Form
    • Foe-Shaming Defense
  • Integrity
    • Second Integrity
    • Heart of Darkness
    • Lesser Horrors Scorned
    • Freedom in Slavery Understanding
    • Faithful Killer's Reprieve
    • Immortal Malevolence Enslavement
  • Linguistics
    • Screaming in Silence
  • Medicine
    • Pitiless Triage Judgement
    • Cannibalistic Renewal Incitement
  • Resistance
    • Spirit-Hardened Frame
    • Cadaverous Torpor Technique
    • Ox-Body Tech (-1x1, -2x2)
  • Stealth
    • Shadow Cloak Technique
    • Atrocity Without Witness
    • Unseen Wisp Method
  • Survival
    • Maelstrom-Weathering Indifference
    • World-Denying Invincibility
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