The Living Horde

The Charm

Assumption of The Living Horde
Cost: 10 motes, 1 gossamer
Keywords: Assumption, Shaped-Only, Stackable
Duration: Until Terminated
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 2
Minimum Heart: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Any one Assumption

This rather unique assumption, available only to those Raksha who have reached the status of noble, allows the fae to become their own army. By using this Charm, the Raksha may convert itself into a force of heroic commoners equal to (Essence+Heart)x(Sword) or exactly one hundred base commoners. The force must be evenly split between his castes; for example, if a Cataphract turns into a group of 100 commoners, 50 are Warriors and 50 are Workers.

The commoners are built as per normal character generation rules. However, they must have at least half of the same Charms as their 'parent' noble. Also, the commoners are not allowed to take Assumption of the City's Heart or any of it's following Charms; a Noble thus divided cannot become a city or a kingdom without all of itself in one place.

If one of his composite parts dies, the Raksha feels little to nothing. However, if a number equal to (number of forces/base HLs, rounded up) are killed, the Raksha takes a health level of mortal damage upon regaining his noble form. Shaping damage works similarly.

The Living Horde of Anaikya

The Warriors

The Warriors of Anaikya's Living Horde are made of adamant as he is, although they are rougher in feature and shorter in stature. The weapon of choice varies; most prefer some sort of sword, although a few will use bows or fight unarmed. They wear lamellar armor similar to the design of their father, although made of simpler dreams.

Heroic Warriors
Base Warriors

The Workers

Unlike their Warrior companions, the Workers of Anaikya's Living Horde are spun from the same black diamond that makes up his hair. Their forms are more dexterous than the Warriors, with nimble fingers and quicker minds. If called to fight, the commoner Workers will fight unarmed as a unit; the heroic Workers, much like their father, are God Monsters in their own right, and prefer to use gossamer tiger claws made of diamond.

Heroic Workers
Base Workers

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