Tragic Thespian on a Stage of Ash and Shadow


Looking for a Way Out

Once, there was a young woman by the name of Shimmering Pearl who was the daughter of one of the numerous privateers found in the capital of the Coral Archipelago. The youngest child of five and the only daughter besides, Pearl was often left to take care of her household along with her mother and his father's other wives. However, she longed to escape her life and see more than the streets of Azure. When she was eighteen, she accompanied the young man her parents had arranged to be her husband to a play held in the capital. From that point on, her whole life was changed.

Raised So High, and Brought So Low

Pearl was able to convince the leader of the acting troupe to bring her along with her, giving him all the money she had gathered over the years. She left Azure that night, quickly learning everything that the members of the troupe were willing to teach her. Pearl showed herself to be an excellent actress, skilled at adopting other people's actions and methods at the drop of a hat. She traveled with the troupe for four years, narrowly avoiding her father's men on a number of occasions.

In time, the troupe was invited to perform in Skullstone by one of the nobles there. Pearl was the lead that night, and it is said that the Prince himself was stirred by her performance. The troupe was paid well, and they were celebrating their victory well into the night. Pearl made her way back to their tavern late that evening, a little on the tipsy side. Suddenly, she felt something slide across her throat and her neck was on fire; as she spun about, she saw her father standing there, a bloody knife in his hand. "Never again will you shame my family." He whispered, watching his daughter bleed out as she reached towards him, eyes pleading.

A New Curtain Arises

As the life trickled out of her body, Pearl saw the Silver Prince walking down the road towards her. My child, you have done well this evening. The Prince smiled warmly at the young woman, who realized that her throat no longer bled. In return, I wish to make you an offer. Serve me, and you will fear death no longer. Your play has just begun, my dear; will you let such a critic stop you from your greatest performance yet? The Prince motioned to her father, who had frozen in place while the Prince spoke. Pearl nodded, and the Prince granted her the Black Exaltation.

Pearl's father yelled in alarm as his daughter writhed on the pavement, black Essence flowing into her mouth and eyes. His men arrived at his side, just in time to see her stand, eyes as dark as Oblivion and blood covering the front of her dress. "Oh, father…you do not know what you do." She smiled wickedly, mouth filled with blood, then let out a shriek that shattered nearby windows. Her father stumbled backwards, blood pouring from every orifice. He died almost instantly, and his men ran off into the shadows. Very well done, my dear. The girl heard in her head, the Prince's words soft as silk. Very well done indeed.

All Creation's a Stage

The Thespian has served the Silver Prince for two years now, adopting the faces of countless mortals as she traveled the West to enhance her Liege's holdings. During her travels, she encountered a siaka-totem Full Moon by the name of Shining Jaws while in the Neck. Much to her surprise (and his disgust), the two had been mates during the First Age. Ever since she discovered this, she has been working to bring him under the banner of the Prince; as one would expect, the Lunar is having nothing to do with this. However, the Thespian's plans have been put on hold, ever since the call was put out for a convocation dealing with the disappearance of the Dowager.

Basic Information

Name: Tragic Thespian on a Stage of Ash and Shadow
Caste: Moonshadow
Concept: Wearer of Many Personae
Anima: A murder of ravens

Motivation: Bring her Lunar mate under her liege's sway
Intimacies: The Silver Prince, Acting

Attributes and Abilities

2 Strength
3 Dexterity
2 Stamina
4 Charisma
4 Manipulation
3 Appearance
3 Perception
3 Intelligence
3 Wits

Linguistics 3 (Accents +1) (Seatongue; High Realm, Riverspeak, Old Realm)
Sail 2
Socialize 3
Awareness 2
Larceny 5 (Disguises +1)
Martial Arts 4
Performance 5
Stealth 3
Dodge 2
Integrity 1
Lore 1
Occult 1
Presence 3


Artifact 2 (Pair of Soulsteel Fate Rings)
Artifact 2 (Mask; pg. 381, ExC)
Liege 2 (Silver Prince)
Resources 2


Compassion 2
Conviction 2
Temperance 3
Valor 2

Willpower 5

Essence 3
14/14 Personal
26/35 Peripheral
9 Committed

0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap, Dying, Dying, Dead

Charms and Spells

  • Dodge
    • Flitting Shadow Form
    • Foe-Shaming Defense
  • Larceny
    • Second Excellency
    • Face-Drinking Bite
    • False Heart Mien
  • Linguistics
    • Screaming in Silence
  • Martial Arts
    • Second Excellency
  • Performance
    • Second Performance Excellency
    • Haunting Apparition Technique
    • Withering Phantasmagoria (Single, Instant)
  • Socialize
    • Exquisite Etiquette Style


Soulsteel Fate Rings
Pair of Level 1 Weapons; 4m

Level Two Mask; 5m

Merits and Flaws

Death-Taint (4F) - For reasons unknown to the Thespian, the Neverborn's displeasure shows itself more than in most.
Eternal Vow (1F) - Shining Jaws, a Siaka-totem Full Moon.
Enemy (2F) - Her Lunar mate.

Eidetic Recall (1M) - The Thespian forgets little that she has heard.



Dodge: 4 (5-1)
Parry: 5


  • Standard
    • 2B/1L/0A
  • Buff Jacket
    • 6B/3L/2A

Combat Statistics

  • Soulsteel Fate Rings
    • Speed 4 Accuracy +3(10) Damage +3L(5L) Defense +3(10) Rate 3

Bonus Spent

Essence 3 (7)
Larceny 5 (2)
Performance 5 (2)
Stealth 3 (1)
MA 4 (2)
Artifact 2 (1)
Socialize 3 (1)
Charm: 2nd MA (4)
Eidetic Recall (1)
Spec: Linguistics (.5)
Spec: Larceny (.5)

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